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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Thermobarometric modelling of zircon and monazite growth in melt-bearing systems: examples using model metapelitic and metapsammitic granulitesKelsey, D.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.
2007Passage through India: the Mozambique Ocean suture, high-pressure granulites and the Palghat-Cauvery shear zone systemCollins, A.; Clark, C.; Sajeev, K.; Santosh, M.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.
2007On the application of in situ monazite chemical geochronology to constraining P–T–t histories in high-temperature (>850 °C) polymetamorphic granulites from Prydz Bay, East AntarcticaKelsey, D.; Hand, M.; Clark, C.; Wilson, C.
2006Comment on "First report of garnet-corundum rocks from southern India: Implications for prograde high-pressure (eclogite-facies?) metamorphism"Kelsey, D.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.; Collins, A.
2009Evidence for 930 Ma metamorphism in the Shetland Islands, Scottish Caledonides: Implications for Neoproterozoic tectonics in the Laurentia-Baltica sector of RodiniaCutts, K.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Wade, B.; Strachan, R.; Clark, C.; Netting, A.
2006Coupling accessory mineral chemistry and geochronology with calculated phase diagrams: An example from the UHT Palghat Cauvery shear system Southern IndiaClark, C.; Collins, A.; Wade, B.; Kelsey, D.; Payne, J.; Santosh, M.; Hand, M.; Granulites and Granulites (2006: Brazil)
2007Assembling Proterozoic Australia: Inside out or outside in?Clark, C.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.
2012Duration of high-pressure metamorphism and cooling during the intraplate Petermann OrogenyWalsh, A.; Raimondo, T.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.; Pfitzner, H.; Clark, C.
2007Linking crustal reworking to terrane accretionClark, C.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Goscombe, B.