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2006Experimental verification of the frequency response method for pipeline leak detectionLee, P.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Vitkovsky, J.; Liggett, J.
2006An analytical solution for the transients in a pipeline with a variable boundary condition: leak detection in pipe networks using coded transientsWang, X.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.; International Symposium on Water Distribution Systems Analysis (8th : 2006 : Cincinnatti, OH)
2006Failure monitoring in water distribution networksMisiunas, D.; Vitkovsky, J.; Olsson, G.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.
2006Efficient simulation of a space-time Neyman-Scott rainfall modelLeonard, M.; Metcalfe, A.; Lambert, M.
2006Statistical characteristics of rainstorms derived from weather radar imagesQin, J.; Leonard, M.; Kuczera, G.; Thyer, M.; Lambert, M.; Metcalfe, A.; Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (30th : 2006 : Launceston, Tas.)
2006A simulation method for calibrating cluster-process rainfall modelsLeonard, M.; Lambert, M.; Metcalfe, A.; Kuczera, G.; Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (30th : 2006 : Launceston, Tas.)
2006Benchmark tests of evolutionary algorithms: Mathematic evaluation and application to water distribution systemsJung, B.; Karney, B.; Lambert, M.
2006Numerical error in weighting function-based unsteady friction models for pipe transientsVitkovsky, J.; Stephens, M.; Bergant, A.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.
2006A probabilistic method for assisting knowledge extraction from artificial neural networks used for hydrological predictionHumphrey, G.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.
2006Systematic evaluation of one-dimensional unsteady friction models in simple pipelinesVitkovsky, J.; Bergant, A.; Simpson, A.; Lambert, M.