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dc.contributor.authorPaton, A.en
dc.contributor.authorPaton, J.en
dc.contributor.otherColeman, Henry D.en
dc.contributor.otherSudol, R. Neilen
dc.contributor.otherSapone, William J.en
dc.descriptionPATENT: A. W. Paton, J. C. Paton (Assignee Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd). US 7078489 filed May 12, 2004; published Jul 18, 2006; granted until May 12, 2024.en
dc.description.abstractA member of a new class of bacterial toxin has been isolated and characterised. The bacterial toxin is of the AB₅ type and is characterised in that it has a subtilase domain. It is cytotoxic to Vero cells, and toxicity in vivo in mice occurs in a number of different sites. Mutation of the serine active residue results in greater than 99% reduction in activity. The protein has been purified and antibodies have been prepared for both the A subunit and B subunits, and ELISA detection methods have been developed. The nucleic acid sequence has been determined and primers specific for the toxin have been used for a preliminary screen of a range of patient samples to ascertain the extent to which the toxin is present.en
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityInventors A. W. Paton, J. C. Paton; Assigned to Adelaide Research and Innovation Pty Ltd; R. N. Sudol, H. D. Coleman and W. J. Sapone agents to inventors.en
dc.subjectUS 7078489en
dc.titleCytotoxin with a subtilase domainen
pubs.library.collectionMolecular and Biomedical Science publicationsen
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