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2022A kinetic model for the hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae, sewage sludge and pine wood with product characterisation of renewable crudeObeid, R.; Smith, N.; Lewis, D.M.; Hall, T.; van Eyk, P.
2022Pyrite-embedded porous carbon nanocatalysts assembled in polyvinylidene difluoride membrane for organic pollutant oxidationYao, Y.; Hu, H.; Yin, H.; Ma, Z.; Tao, Z.; Qiu, Y.; Wang, S.
2022Advancing of 3D-Printed Titanium Implants with Combined Antibacterial Protection Using Ultrasharp Nanostructured Surface and Gallium-Releasing AgentsMaher, S.; Linklater, D.; Rastin, H.; Liao, S.T.-Y.; Martins de Sousa, K.; Lima-Marques, L.; Kingshott, P.; Thissen, H.; Ivanova, E.P.; Losic, D.
2022Local environment determined reactant adsorption configuration for enhanced electrocatalytic acetone hydrogenation to propaneWang, X.; Jiao, Y.; Li, L.; Zheng, Y.; Qiao, S.
2022Influence of nanoparticle mechanical property on protein corona formationTengjisi; Hui, Y.; Fan, Y.; Zou, D.; Talbo, G.H.; Yang, G.; Zhao, C.X.
2022Nonprecious bimetallic Fe, Mo-embedded N-enriched porous biochar for efficient oxidation of aqueous organic contaminantsYao, Y.; Hu, H.; Zheng, H.; Hu, H.; Tang, Y.; Liu, X.; Wang, S.
2022Stabilizing Cu²⁺ ions by solid solutions to promote CO₂ electroreduction to methaneZhou, X.; Shan, J.; Chen, L.; Xia, B.Y.; Ling, T.; Duan, J.; Jiao, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Qiao, S.-Z.
2022Superstructures with Atomic-Level Arranged Perovskite and Oxide Layers for Advanced Oxidation with an Enhanced Non-Free Radical PathwayYang, L.; Jiao, Y.; Xu, X.; Pan, Y.; Su, C.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.; Shao, Z.
2022Electrolyte engineering enables high performance zinc-ion batteriesWang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Yang, F.; Liu, S.; Zhang, S.; Mao, J.; Guo, Z.
2022Exploring sensitive label-free multiplex analysis with Raman-coded microbeads and SERS-coded reportersAzhar, U.; Ahmed, Q.; Ishaq, S.; Alwahabi, Z.T.; Dai, S.
2022A self-regulated interface toward highly reversible aqueous zinc batteriesHan, D.; Wang, Z.; Lu, H.; Li, H.; Cui, C.; Zhang, Z.; Sun, R.; Geng, C.; Liang, Q.; Guo, X.; Mo, Y.; Zhi, X.; Kang, F.; Weng, Z.; Yang, Q.H.
2022Synchrotron X-ray spectroscopic investigations of in-situ-formed alloy anodes for magnesium batteriesXu, X.; Ye, C.; Chao, D.; Chen, B.; Li, H.; Tang, C.; Zhong, X.; Qiao, S.-Z.
2022Ultra-stable zinc-ion batteries by suppressing vanadium dissolution via multiple ion-bonded vanadate cathodesYu, H.; Whittle, J.D.; Losic, D.; Ma, J.
2022Synthesis and characterization of iron-nitrogen-doped biochar catalysts for organic pollutant removal and hexavalent chromium reductionYao, Y.; Liu, X.; Hu, H.; Tang, Y.; Hu, H.; Ma, Z.; Wang, S.
2022Carbon-based single atom catalyst: Synthesis, characterization, DFT calculationsShang, Y.; Duan, X.; Wang, S.; Yue, Q.; Gao, B.; Xu, X.
2022C₃ production from CO₂ reduction by concerted *CO trimerization on a single-atom alloy catalystChen, L.; Tang, C.; Zheng, Y.; Skúlason, E.; Jiao, Y.
2022Tailoring Additively Manufactured Titanium Implants for Short-Time Pediatric Implantations with Enhanced Bactericidal ActivityMaher, S.; Linklater, D.; Rastin, H.; Le Yap, P.; Ivanova, E.P.; Losic, D.
2022The effect of particle size and volumetric loading on the gas temperature distributions in a particle-laden flow heated with high-flux radiationLewis, E.W.; Lau, T.C.W.; Sun, Z.; Alwahabi, Z.T.; Nathan, G.J.
2022Electrochemical CO₂ reduction in membrane-electrode assembliesGe, L.; Rabiee, H.; Li, M.; Subramanian, S.; Zheng, Y.; Lee, J.H.; Burdyny, T.; Wang, H.
2022Metal–organic framework with atomically dispersed Ni–N4₄ sites for greatly-raised visible-light photocatalytic H₂ productionXia, B.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Xia, Y.; Jaroniec, M.; Yu, J.; Ran, J.; Qiao, S.Z.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2909