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2006The optimal SAM surface functional group for producing a biomimetic HA coating on TiLiu, D.; Majewski, P.; O'Neill, B.; Ngothai, Y.; Colby, C.
2001Effect of exposure to 900 MHz radiofrequency radiation on intrachromosomal recombination in pKZ1 miceSykes, P.; McCallum, B.; Bangay, M.; Hooker, A.; Morley, A.
2001Predicting the combined effect of UV dose and suspended solids concentration on UV disinfection kinetics of Escherichia coliAmos, S.; Davey, K.; Thomas, C.; David Shallcross; World Congress of Chemical Engineering (6th : 2001 : Melbourne, Australia)
2009Synthesis, Nanostructure and Crystallization of Titania Nanotube Arrays Fabricated by Electrochemical AnodizationPoh, Z.; Vasilev, K.; Kant, K.; Sabzi, R.; Losic, D.; AINSE Conference on Nuclear and Complementary Techniques of Analysis (16th : 2009 : Sydney, New South Wales)
2008Improved dewaterability of iron oxide dispersions: the role of polymeric flocculant type, pH and shearMcGuire, Melanie Jane; Addai-Mensah, Jonas; Bremmell, Kristen Elizabeth
2005An investigation of the effect of surfactant on the rheology of polystyrene latex-gelatin dispersionsNgothai, Y.; Nguyen, D.; Bhattacharya, S.; World Congress on Chemical Engineering (7th : 2005 : Glasgow, Scotland)
2001Characteristics of Methane Partial Oxidation at Intermediate Temperatures between 800 and 1100 KZhu, J.; Zhang, D.; Bromly, J.; Barnes, F.; King, K.; Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion (3rd : 2001 : Seoul, Korea)
2005Reproducible preparation and effective separation of PEGylated recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor with novel “PEG-pellet” PEGylation mode and ion-exchange chromatographyYun, Q.; Yang, R.; Chen, T.; Bi, J.; Ma, G.; Su, Z.
2007A novel color removal adsorbent from heterocoagulation of cationic and anionic claysHu, Q.; Xu, Z.; Qiao, S.; Haghseresht, F.; Wilson, M.; Lu, G.
2009Synthesis and hydrophobic adsorption properties of microporous/mesoporous hybrid materialsHu, Q.; Li, J.; Qiao, S.; Hao, Z.; Tian, H.; Ma, C.; He, C.