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2011Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for bioadsorption, enzyme immobilisation, and delivery carriersPopat, A.; Hartono, S.; Stahr, F.; Liu, J.; Qiao, S.; Lu, G.
2015Molecular-level understanding of the adsorption mechanism of a graphite-binding peptide at the water/graphite interfacePenna, M.; Mijajlovic, M.; Tamerler, C.; Biggs, M.
2007Discriminating and assessing adsorption and biodegradation removal mechanisms during granular activated carbon filtration of microcystin toxinsWang, H.; Ho, L.; Lewis, D.; Brookes, J.; Newcombe, G.
2009Improving adsorbent properties of cage-like ordered amine functionalized mesoporous silica with very large pores for bioadsorptionHartono, S.; Qiao, S.; Jack, K.; Ladewig, B.; Hao, Z.; Lu, G.
2013Free energy of adsorption for a peptide at a liquid/solid interface via nonequilibrium molecular dynamicsMijajlovic, M.; Penna, M.; Biggs, M.
2009Enhancing removal efficiency of anionic dye by combination and calcination of clay materials and calcium hydroxideVimonses, V.; Jin, B.; Chow, C.; Saint, C.
2015Immersion calorimetry: molecular packing effects in microporesMadani, S.H.; Silvestre-Albero, A.; Biggs, M.J.; Rodríguez-Reinoso, F.; Pendleton, P.
2011A novel and consistent method (TriPOD) to characterize an arbitrary porous solid for its accessible volume, accessible geometrical surface area and accessible pore sizeHerrera, L.; Fan, C.; Do, D.; Nicholson, D.
2015Bubble-surface interactions with graphite in the presence of adsorbed carboxymethylcelluloseWu, J.; Delcheva, I.; Ngothai, Y.; Krasowska, M.; Beattie, D.
2008A pore network model for diffusion in nanoporous carbons: Validation by molecular dynamics simulationCai, Q.; Buts, A.; Seaton, N.; Biggs, M.