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2019Persulfate activation on crystallographic manganese oxides: mechanism of singlet oxygen evolution for nonradical selective degradation of aqueous contaminantsZhu, S.; Li, X.; Kang, J.; Duan, X.; Wang, S.
2008Efficient elimination of trace ethylene over nano-gold catalyst under ambient conditionsLi, J.; Ma, C.; Xu, X.; Yu, J.; Hao, Z.; Qiao, S.
2011Formation of large 2D nanosheets via PVP-assisted assembly of anatase TiO₂ nanomosaicsSong, J.; Liu, J.; Qiao, S.; Xu, R.; Lou, X.
2013N-doped graphene natively grown on hierarchical ordered porous carbon for enhanced oxygen reductionLiang, J.; Du, X.; Gibson, C.; Du, X.; Qiao, S.
2019Boosting Fenton-like reactions via single atom Fe catalysisYin, Y.; Shi, L.; Li, W.; Li, X.; Wu, H.; Ao, Z.; Tian, W.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.; Sun, H.
2012DNA-directed growth of Pd nanocrystals on carbon nanotubes towards efficient oxygen reduction reactionsZhang, L.; Guo, C.; Cui, Z.; Guo, J.; Dong, Z.; Li, C.
2011Ellipsoidal hollow nanostructures assembled from anatase TiO₂ nanosheets as a magnetically separable photocatalystChen, J.; Chen, C.; Liu, J.; Xu, R.; Qiao, S.; Lou, X.
2008Catalytic Ozonation of Toluene using Zeolite and MCM-41 MaterialsKwong, C.; Chao, C.; Hui, K.; Wan, M.
2010Synthesis of self-supporting gold microstructures with three-dimensional morphologies by direct replication of diatom templatesYu, Y.; Addai-Mensah, J.; Losic, D.
2016Technical issues in the large-scale hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgal biomass to biocrudeLee, A.; Lewis, D.; Kalaitzidis, T.; Ashman, P.