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2016Naturally derived iron oxide nanowires from bacteria for magnetically triggered drug release and cancer hyperthermia in 2D and 3D culture environments: bacteria Bbiofilm to potent cancer therapeuticKumeria, T.; Maher, S.; Wang, Y.; Kaur, G.; Wang, L.; Erkelens, M.; Forward, P.; Lambert, M.; Evdokiou, A.; Losic, D.
2011Yolk/shell nanoparticles: new platforms for nanoreactors, drug delivery and lithium-ion batteriesLiu, J.; Qiao, S.; Chen, J.; Lou, X.; Xing, X.; Lu, G.
2011Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for bioadsorption, enzyme immobilisation, and delivery carriersPopat, A.; Hartono, S.; Stahr, F.; Liu, J.; Qiao, S.; Lu, G.
2016In situ transformation of chitosan films into microtubular structures on the surface of nanoengineered titanium implantsGulati, K.; Johnson, L.; Karunagaran, R.; Findlay, D.; Losic, D.
2012Human telomeric G-quadruplex formation and highly selective fluorescence detection of toxic strontium ionsQu, K.; Zhao, C.; Ren, J.; Qu, X.
2012Insights into the biomedical effects of carboxylated single-wall carbon nanotubes on telomerase and telomeresChen, Y.; Qu, K.; Zhao, C.; Wu, L.; Ren, J.; Wang, J.; Qu, X.
2012Premixed, injectable PLA-modified calcium deficient apatite biocement(cd-AB)with washout resistanceWu, F.; Ngothai, Y.; Wei, J.; Liu, C.; O'Neill, B.; Wu, Y.
2017Evaluating the effect of phosphorylation on the structure and dynamics of Hsp27 dimers by means of ion mobility mass spectrometryJovcevski, B.; Kelly, M.; Aquilina, J.; Benesch, J.; Ecroyd, H.
2007A Population Balance Model Describing the Cell Cycle Dynamics of Myeloma Cell CultivationLiu, Y.; Bi, J.; Zeng, A.; Yuan, J.
2012Local drug delivery to the bone by drug-releasing implants: perspectives of nano-engineered titania nanotube arraysGulati, K.; Aw, M.; Findlay, D.; Losic, D.