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2011Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for bioadsorption, enzyme immobilisation, and delivery carriersPopat, A.; Hartono, S.; Stahr, F.; Liu, J.; Qiao, S.; Lu, G.
2016In situ transformation of chitosan films into microtubular structures on the surface of nanoengineered titanium implantsGulati, K.; Johnson, L.; Karunagaran, R.; Findlay, D.; Losic, D.
2015Nanoprecipitation and spectroscopic characterization of curcumin-encapsulated polyester nanoparticlesLeung, M.; Harada, T.; Dai, S.; Kee, T.
2005Self-assembly of stimuli-responsive water-soluble [60]Fullerene end-capped ampholytic block copolymerTeoh, S.; Ravi, P.; Dai, S.; Tam, K.
2010Platforms for controlled release of antibacterial agents facilitated by plasma polymerizationVasilev, K.; Simovic, S.; Losic, D.; Griesser, H.; Griesser, S.; Anselme, K.; Ploux, L.; 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) (31 Aug 2010 - 4 Sep 2010 : Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2008Thermosensitive copolymer coatings with enhanced wettability switchingKurkuri, M.; Nussio, M.; Deslandes, A.; Voelcker, N.
2010Controlled drug release from porous materials by plasma polymer depositionSimovic, S.; Losic, D.; Vasilev, K.
2014Intracellular microenvironment responsive polymers: a multiple-stage transport platform for high-performance gene deliveryShi, B.; Zhang, H.; Dai, S.; Du, X.; Bi, J.; Qiao, S.
20203D printing of cell-laden electroconductive bioink for tissue engineering applicationTung, T.T.; Rastin, H.; Zhang, B.; Bi, J.; Hassan, K.; Losic, D.
2020Active encapsulation in biocompatible nanocapsulesWu, B.; Yang, C.; Li, B.; Feng, L.; Hai, M.; Zhao, C.X.; Chen, D.; Liu, K.; Weitz, D.A.