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2016In situ transformation of chitosan films into microtubular structures on the surface of nanoengineered titanium implantsGulati, K.; Johnson, L.; Karunagaran, R.; Findlay, D.; Losic, D.
2015Molecular-level understanding of the adsorption mechanism of a graphite-binding peptide at the water/graphite interfacePenna, M.; Mijajlovic, M.; Tamerler, C.; Biggs, M.
2013Free energy of adsorption for a peptide at a liquid/solid interface via nonequilibrium molecular dynamicsMijajlovic, M.; Penna, M.; Biggs, M.
2015Label-free real-time quantification of enzyme levels by interferometric spectroscopy combined with gelatin-modified nanoporous anodic alumina photonic filmsNemati, M.; Santos, A.; Kumeria, T.; Losic, D.
2015ToF-SIMS multivariate analysis of surface-grafted small bioactive moleculesJasieniak, M.; Coad, B.; Griesser, H.
2009Lanthanide-containing polymer microspheres by multiple-stage dispersion polymerization for highly multiplexed bioassaysAbdelrahman, A.; Dai, S.; Thickett, S.; Ornatsky, O.; Bandura, D.; Baranov, V.; Winnik, M.
2009Multifunctional polymer coatings for cell microarray applicationsKurkuri, M.; Driever, C.; Johnson, G.; McFarland, G.; Thissen, H.; Voelcker, N.
2012Label-free reflectometric interference microchip biosensor based on nanoporous alumina for detection of circulating tumour cellsKumeria, T.; Kurkuri, M.; Diener, K.; Parkinson, L.; Losic, D.
2014Molecular-level understanding of protein adsorption at the interface between water and a strongly interacting uncharged solid surfacePenna, M.; Mijajlovic, M.; Biggs, M.
2010Fabrication of self-supporting porous silicon membranes and tuning transport properties by surface functionalizationVelleman, L.; Shearer, C.; Ellis, A.; Losic, D.; Voelcker, N.; Shapter, J.