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2011Cobalt-doped cadmium selenide colloidal nanowiresLi, Z.; Du, A.; Sun, Q.; Aljada, M.; Cheng, L.; Riley, M.; Zhu, Z.; Cheng, Z.; Wang, X.; Hall, J.; Krausz, E.; Qiao, S.; Smith, S.; Lu, G.
2007Effect of temperature variation on the visible and near infrared spectra of wine and the consequences on the partial least square calibrations developed to measure chemical compositionCozzolino, D.; Liu, L.; Cynkar, W.; Dambergs, R.; Janik, L.; Colby, C.; Gishen, M.
2008Efficient elimination of trace ethylene over nano-gold catalyst under ambient conditionsLi, J.; Ma, C.; Xu, X.; Yu, J.; Hao, Z.; Qiao, S.
2009Improving adsorbent properties of cage-like ordered amine functionalized mesoporous silica with very large pores for bioadsorptionHartono, S.; Qiao, S.; Jack, K.; Ladewig, B.; Hao, Z.; Lu, G.
2005Self-assembly of stimuli-responsive water-soluble [60]Fullerene end-capped ampholytic block copolymerTeoh, S.; Ravi, P.; Dai, S.; Tam, K.
2019Backbone-constrained peptides: temperature and secondary structure affect solid-state electron transportGuo, C.; Yu, J.; Horsley, J.R.; Sheves, M.; Cahen, D.; Abell, A.D.
2008Thermosensitive copolymer coatings with enhanced wettability switchingKurkuri, M.; Nussio, M.; Deslandes, A.; Voelcker, N.
2009Solvothermal synthesis and photoreactivity of anatase TiO₂ nanosheets with dominant {001} facetsYang, H.; Liu, G.; Qiao, S.; Sun, C.; Jin, Y.; Smith, S.; Zou, J.; Cheng, H.; Lu, G.
2002Letters to the editorDavey, K.; Amos, S.
2009Expanding mesoporosity of triblock-copolymer-templated silica under weak synthesis acidityLi, J.; Hu, Q.; Tian, H.; Ma, C.; Li, L.; Cheng, J.; Hao, Z.; Qiao, S.