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2016Generation of fluorescent and stable conjugated polymer nanoparticles with hydrophobically modified poly(acrylate)sYan, L.; Cui, X.; Harada, T.; Lincoln, S.; Dai, S.; Kee, T.
2016Hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles: a peculiar structure for thin film nanocomposite membranesZargar, M.; Hartanto, Y.; Jin, B.; Dai, S.
2016Mechanistic insight into the nucleation and growth of oleic acid capped lead sulphide quantum dotsShrestha, A.; Spooner, N.; Qiao, S.; Dai, S.
2017Polyethylenimine modified silica nanoparticles enhance interfacial interactions and desalination performance of thin film nanocomposite membranesZargar, M.; Hartanto, Y.; Jin, B.; Dai, S.
2011ABC block copolymer as "smart" pH-responsive carrier for intracellular delivery of hydrophobic drugsYao, J.; Ruan, Y.; Zhai, T.; Guan, J.; Tang, G.; Li, H.; Dai, S.
2011Frabicating hydroxyapatite nanorods using a biomacromolecule templateZhu, A.; Lu, Y.; Si, Y.; Dai, S.
2006Self-assembly of well-defined mono and dual end-capped C60 containing polyacrylic acids in aqueous solutionRavi, P.; Wang, C.; Dai, S.; Tam, K.
2005The aggregation behavior of O-carboxymethylchitosan in dilute aqueous solutionZhu, A.; Chan-Park, M.; Dai, S.; Li, L.
2005Self-assembly of C₆₀ containing poly(methyl methacrylate) in ethyl acetate/decalin mixtures solventRavi, P.; Dai, S.; Hong, K.; Tam, K.; Gan, L.
2005Laser light scattering and isothermal titration calorimetric studies of poly(ethylene oxide) aqueous solution in presence of sodium dodecyl sulfateDai, S.; Tam, K.