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2015Functionalized thermo-responsive microgels for high performance forward osmosis desalinationHartanto, Y.; Yun, S.; Jin, B.; Dai, S.
2009Polysaccharide surface modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles for camptothecin loading and releaseZhu, A.; Yuan, L.; Jin, W.; Dai, S.; Wang, Q.; Xue, Z.; Qin, A.
2016Highly ordered ZnMnO₃ nanotube arrays from a "self-sacrificial" ZnO template as high-performance electrodes for lithium ion batteriesChen, H.; Ding, L.; Xiao, K.; Dai, S.; Wang, S.; Wang, H.
2013Low-positively charged thermosensitive copolymers as gene delivery vectors without toxic effectShen, Z.; Wu, A.; Dai, S.; Symposium on Innovative Polymers for Controlled Delivery
2015Activating natural bentonite as a cost-effective adsorbent for removal of Congo-red in wastewaterToor, M.; Jin, B.; Dai, S.; Vimonses, V.
2009Acrylate and methacrylate C₆₀-end-capped polymersRavi, P.; Dai, S.; Tam, K.C.
2016TiN-coated micron-sized tantalum-doped Li₄Ti₅O₁₂ with enhanced anodic performance for lithium-ion batteriesGuo, M.; Chen, H.; Wang, S.; Dai, S.; Ding, L.; Wang, H.
2018Polydopamine-derived, in situ N-Doped 3D mesoporous carbons for highly efficient oxygen reductionQu, K.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Chen, H.; Li, H.; Chen, B.; Zhou, H.; Li, D.; Zheng, Y.; Dai, S.
2018Gas-responsive cationic microgels for forward osmosis desalinationRabiee, H.; Jin, B.; Yun, S.; Dai, S.
2011A galactosamine-mediated drug delivery carrier for targeted liver cancer therapyShen, Z.; Wei, W.; Tanaka, H.; Kohama, K.; Ma, G.; Dobashi, T.; Maki, Y.; Wang, H.; Bi, J.; Dai, S.