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2014Proton-functionalized two-dimensional graphitic carbon nitride nanosheet: an excellent metal-/label-free biosensing platformMa, T.; Tang, Y.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.
2014Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheet-carbon nanotube three-dimensional porous composites as high-performance oxygen evolution electrocatalystsMa, T.; Dai, S.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2014Mesoporous MnCo₂O₄ with abundant oxygen vacancy defects as high-performance oxygen reduction catalystsMa, T.; Zheng, Y.; Dai, S.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2018Electrocatalytic activity of a 2D phosphorene-based heteroelectrocatalyst for photoelectrochemical cellsBatmunkh, M.; Shrestha, A.; Bat-Erdene, M.; Nine, M.; Shearer, C.; Gibson, C.; Slattery, A.; Tawfik, S.; Ford, M.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.; Shapter, J.
2014Metal–organic framework derived hybrid Co₃O₄-carbon porous nanowire arrays as reversible oxygen evolution electrodesMa, T.; Dai, S.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2014Label-free dendrimer-like silica nanohybrids for traceable and controlled gene deliveryDu, X.; Shi, B.; Tang, Y.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.
2017Polydopamine-inspired, dual heteroatom-doped carbon nanotubes for highly efficient overall water splittingQu, K.; Zheng, Y.; Jiao, Y.; Zhang, X.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.
2017Nitrogen-doped CNx/CNTs heteroelectrocatalysts for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsShrestha, A.; Batmunkh, M.; Shearer, C.; Yin, Y.; Andersson, G.; Shapter, J.; Qiao, S.; Dai, S.
2015Polydopamine-graphene oxide derived mesoporous carbon nanosheets for enhanced oxygen reductionQu, K.; Zheng, Y.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.
2014Shape control of Mn₃O₄ nanoparticles on nitrogen-doped graphene for enhanced oxygen reduction activityDuan, J.; Chen, S.; Dai, S.; Qiao, S.