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2015Localized drug delivery of selenium (Se) using nanoporous anodic aluminium oxide for bone implantsSaji, V.; Kumeria, T.; Gulati, K.; Prideaux, M.; Rahman, S.; Alsawat, M.; Santos, A.; Atkins, G.; Losic, D.
2011Self-ordering electrochemistry: a simple approach for engineering nanopore and nanotube arrays for emerging applicationsLosic, D.; Velleman, L.; Kant, K.; Kumeria, T.; Gulati, K.; Shapter, B.; Beattie, D.; Simovic, S.
2015Interferometric nanoporous anodic alumina photonic coatings for optical sensingChen, Y.; Santos, A.; Wang, Y.; Kumeria, T.; Wang, C.; Li, J.; Losic, D.
2014Structural and optical nanoengineering of nanoporous anodic alumina rugate filters for real-time and label-free biosensing applicationsKumeria, T.; Rahman, M.; Santos, A.; Ferré-Borrull, J.; Marsal, L.; Losic, D.
2012Controlling interferometric properties of nanoporous anodic aluminium oxideKumeria, T.; Losic, D.
2013Real-time and in situ drug release monitoring from nanoporous implants under dynamic flow conditions by reflectometric interference spectroscopyKumeria, T.; Gulati, K.; Santos, A.; Losic, D.
2013Optically optimized photoluminescent and interferometric biosensors based on nanoporous anodic alumina: a comparisonSantos, A.; Kumeria, T.; Losic, D.
2013Graphene oxide decorated diatom silica particles as new nano-hybrids: towards smart natural drug microcarriersKumeria, T.; Bariana, M.; Altalhi, T.; Kurkuri, M.; Gibson, C.; Yang, W.; Losic, D.
2015Rational design of photonic dust from nanoporous anodic alumina films: a versatile photonic nanotool for visual sensingChen, Y.; Santos, A.; Wang, Y.; Kumeria, T.; Ho, D.; Li, J.; Wang, C.; Losic, D.
2015Luminescent silicon diatom replicas: self-reporting and degradable drug carriers with biologically derived shape for sustained delivery of therapeuticsMaher, S.; Alsawat, M.; Kumeria, T.; Fathalla, D.; Fetih, G.; Santos, A.; Habib, F.; Losic, D.