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2016Fine tuning of optical signals in nanoporous anodic alumina photonic crystals by apodized sinusoidal pulse anodisationSantos, A.; Law, C.; Chin Lei, D.; Pereira, T.; Losic, D.
2016Nanoporous hard data: optical encoding of information within nanoporous anodic alumina photonic crystalsSantos, A.; Law, C.; Pereira, T.; Losic, D.
2015Interferometric nanoporous anodic alumina photonic coatings for optical sensingChen, Y.; Santos, A.; Wang, Y.; Kumeria, T.; Wang, C.; Li, J.; Losic, D.
2010Ordered mesoporous materials for drug delivery applicationsSimovic, S.; Losic, D.
2014Computational and experimental model of nano-engineered drug delivery system for trabecular boneMokhtarzadeh, H.; Aw, M.; Khalid, K.; Gulati, K.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Losic, D.; Pivonka, P.; 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM) / 5th European Conference on Computational Mechanics (ECCM) / 6th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD) (20 Jul 2014 - 25 Jul 2014 : Barcelona, Spain)
2010Gold nanotube membranes; fabrication of controlled pore geometries and tailored surface chemistriesVelleman, L.; Guillaume, F.; Bruneel, J.; Losic, D.; Shapter, J.; International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2010 : Sydney, Australia)
2014Impedance spectroscopy study of nanopore arrays for biosensing applicationsKant, K.; Kurkuri, M.; Yu, J.; Shapter, J.; Priest, C.; Losic, D.
2019Tuning MnO₂ to FeOOH replicas with bio-template 3D morphology as electrodes for high performance asymmetric supercapacitorsLi, K.; Liu, X.; Zheng, T.; Jiang, D.; Zhou, Z.; Liu, C.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Losic, D.