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2015Binder-free Co-CoOₓ nanowire arrays for lithium ion batteries with excellent rate capability and ultra-long cycle lifeZhan, L.; Wang, S.; Ding, L.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2015A supported Cu(I)@MIL-100(Fe) adsorbent with high CO adsorption capacity and CO/N₂ selectivityPeng, J.; Xian, S.; Xiao, J.; Huang, Y.; Xia, Q.; Wang, H.; Li, Z.
2016Coaxial Co₃O₄@polypyrrole core-shell nanowire arrays for high performance lithium ion batteriesZhan, L.; Chen, H.; Fang, J.; Wang, S.; Ding, L.; Li, Z.; Ashman, P.; Wang, H.
2015Nitrogen-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes: promising anode materials for sodium-ion batteriesLi, D.; Zhang, L.; Chen, H.; Ding, L.; Wang, S.; Wang, H.
2015Enhanced stability of Zr-doped Ba(CeTb)O₃−δ-Ni cermet membrane for hydrogen separationWei, Y.; Xue, J.; Fang, W.; Chen, Y.; Wang, H.; Caro, J.
2014Towards easy reversible dehydrogenation of LiBH₄ by catalyzing hierarchic nanostructured CoBCai, W.; Wang, H.; Liu, J.; Jiao, L.; Wang, Y.; Ouyang, L.; Sun, T.; Sun, D.; Wang, H.; Yao, X.; Zhu, M.
2015Competitive adsorption of water vapor with VOCs dichloroethane, ethyl acetate and benzene on MIL-101(Cr) in humid atmosphereXian, S.; Yu, Y.; Xiao, J.; Zhang, Z.; Xia, Q.; Wang, H.; Li, Z.
2015A CO₂-stable hollow-fiber membrane with high hydrogen permeation fluxChen, Y.; Liao, Q.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.; Wei, Y.; Feldhoff, A.; Caro, J.
2014A combined experimental/computational study on the adsorption of organosulfur compounds over metal-organic frameworks from fuelsWu, L.; Xiao, J.; Wu, Y.; Xian, S.; Miao, G.; Wang, H.; Li, Z.
2016Enhancement on the wettability of lithium battery separator toward nonaqueous electrolytesXie, Y.; Zou, H.; Xiang, H.; Xia, R.; Liang, D.; Shi, P.; Dai, S.; Wang, H.