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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Concentration profile of jet gas in the feed injection zone of a FCC riserE, C.; Fan, Y.; Zhang, K.; Zhang, H.
2016Dendrimer-like nanoparticles based β-galactosidase assembly for enhancing its selectivity toward transgalactosylationMisson, M.; Du, X.; Jin, B.; Zhang, H.
20092D and 3D simulations of fluid dynamics in the bubble reactor for liquid fuel synthesis: comparisons against experimentsQi, N.; Zhang, K.; Song, Q.; Gao, X.; Zhang, H.; Lu, J.
2007Degradation of Supercoiled Plasmid DNA Within a Capillary DeviceMeacle, F.; Zhang, H.; Papantoniou, I.; Ward, J.; Titchener-Hooker, N.; Hoare, M.
2005Computational-fluid-dynamics (CFD) analysis of mixing and gas liquid mass transfer in shake flasksZhang, H.; Williams-Dalson, W.; Keshavarz-Moore, E.; Shamlou, P.
2018Metal-doped graphitic carbon nitride (g-C₃N₄) as selective NO₂ sensors: a first-principles studyZhang, H.; Du, A.; Gandhi, N.; Jiao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Lin, X.; Lu, X.; Tang, Y.
2013Quality by design for biopharmaceuticals: a historical review and guide for implementationElliott, P.; Bi, J.; Zhang, H.
2012Two-phase flow and displacement in eccentric annuli: a CFD studyCaruso, N.; Nguyen, Q.; Zhang, H.; CHEMECA (2012 : Wellington NZ)
2012Gene expression of single human mesenchymal stem cell in response to fluid shearZhang, H.; Kay, A.; Forsyth, N.; Liu, K.; El Haj, A.
2010Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics in the stirred tank by the SSG Reynolds Stress ModelQi, N.; Wang, H.; Zhang, K.; Zhang, H.