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2011Enhanced water retention by using polymeric microcapsules to confer high proton conductivity on membranes at low humidityWang, J.; Zhang, H.; Yang, X.; Jiang, S.; Lv, W.; Jiang, Z.; Qiao, S.
2014Intracellular microenvironment-responsive label-free autofluorescent nanogels for traceable gene deliveryShi, B.; Zhang, H.; Qiao, S.; Bi, J.; Dai, S.
2014Intracellular microenvironment responsive polymers: a multiple-stage transport platform for high-performance gene deliveryShi, B.; Zhang, H.; Dai, S.; Du, X.; Bi, J.; Qiao, S.
2008Engineering characterisation of a single well from 24-well and 96-well microtitre platesZhang, H.; Lamping, S.; Pickering, S.; Lye, G.; Shamlou, P.
2019Transient energy reservoir in 2D perovskitesGan, Z.; Wen, X.; Zhou, C.; Chen, W.; Zheng, F.; Yang, S.; Davis, J.; Tapping, P.; Kee, T.; Zhang, H.; Jia, B.
2018In situ grown epitaxial heterojunction exhibits high-performance electrocatalytic water splittingZhu, C.; Wang, A.; Xiao, W.; Chao, D.; Zhang, X.; Tiep, N.; Chen, S.; Kang, J.; Wang, X.; Ding, J.; Wang, J.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.
2017Self-branched α-MnO₂/δ-MnO₂ heterojunction nanowires with enhanced pseudocapacitanceZhu, C.; Yang, L.; Seo, J.; Zhang, X.; Wang, S.; Shin, J.; Chao, D.; Zhang, H.; Meng, Y.; Fan, H.
2020Hydrochars from pinewood for adsorption and nonradical catalysis of bisphenolsYu, J.; Zhu, Z.; Zhang, H.; Di, G.; Qiu, Y.; Yin, D.; wang, S.
2015Tubular TiC fibre nanostructures as supercapacitor electrode materials with stable cycling life and wide-temperature performanceXia, X.; Zhang, Y.; Chao, D.; Xiong, Q.; Fan, Z.; Tong, X.; Tu, J.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.
2015Novel metal@carbon spheres core-shell arrays by controlled self-assembly of carbon nanospheres: a stable and flexible supercapacitor electrodeXia, X.; Zhang, Y.; Fan, Z.; Chao, D.; Xiong, Q.; Tu, J.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.