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2004Interannual variability in rainfall and its impact on nutrient load and phytoplankton in Myponga Reservoir, South AustraliaVan Der Linden, L.; Lewis, D.; Burch, M.; Brookes, J.
2004Numerical models for management of anabaena circinalisLewis, D.; Brookes, J.; Lambert, M.
2004A study of the global differences between axi-symmetric turbulent free jet flames from a smooth contraction and a pipe with well-defined boundary conditionsLangman, A.; Nathan, G.; Ashman, P.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (15th : 2004 : Sydney, Australia)
2004Uncoupling of cell growth and proliferation results in enhancement of productivity in p21CIP1-arrested CHO cellsBi, J.; Shuttleworth, J.; Al-Rubeai, M.
2004New insights into the adsorption of haze-forming proteins by bentonite during winemakingMuhlack, R.; Waters, E.; O'Neill, B.; Lim, A.; Colby, C.; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (32nd : 2004 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2004Ignition hazard from internally and externally heated objects in an explosible environmentStamatov, V.; King, K.; Zhang, D.; Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Combustion and Energy Utilisation (7th : 2004 : Hong Kong)
2004The reliability of slurry pump gland sealsRidgway, N.; O'Neill, B.; Colby, C.; Moxham, K.; Tribology (24 Mar 2004 : Pretoria, South Africa)
2004Explosions of methane-air mixtures induced by radiatively heated inert particles: Chain initiation and kinetic schemeStamatov, V.; King, K.; Zhang, D.; APCChE Congress 2004 (10th : 2004 : Kitakyushu, Japan)
2004A new Weibull model for prediction of tailing in UV disinfection survivor dataAmos, S.; Davey, K.; Thomas, C.; CHEMECA (26 Sep 2004 : Sydney, Australia)