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2007Effect of temperature variation on the visible and near infrared spectra of wine and the consequences on the partial least square calibrations developed to measure chemical compositionCozzolino, D.; Liu, L.; Cynkar, W.; Dambergs, R.; Janik, L.; Colby, C.; Gishen, M.
2007Measuring rheological properties using a slotted plate deviceDe Kee, D.; Kim, Y.; Nguyen, Q.
2007Axial gas profiles in a bubbling fluidised bed biomass gasifierRoss, D.; Noda, R.; Horio, M.; Kosminski, A.; Ashman, P.; Mullinger, P.
2008Novel Nafion composite membranes with mesoporous silica nanospheres as inorganic fillersJin, Y.; Qiao, S.; Zhang, L.; Xu, Z.; Smart, S.; da Costa, J.; Lu, G.
2009Dynamic adsorption of volatile organic compounds on organofunctionalized SBA-15 materialsHu, Q.; Li, J.; Hao, Z.; Li, L.; Qiao, S.
2007Synthesis of highly ordered large-pore periodic mesoporous organosilica rodsQiao, S.; Wang, L.; Hu, Q.; Zhu, Z.; Lu, G.
2009An investigation on the adsorption of acid dyes on bentonite based composite adsorbentQiao, S.; Hu, Q.; Haghseresht, F.; Hu, X.; Lu, G.
2009Bioinspired fabrication of high performance composite membranes with ultrathin defect-free skin layerPan, F.; Jia, H.; Qiao, S.; Jiang, Z.; Wang, J.; Wang, B.; Zhong, Y.
2003Holey Optical Fibres: Fundamental properties and device applicationsMonro, T.; Richardson, D.
2005A review on the mineral chemistry of the non-stoichiometric iron sulphide, Fe1− x S (0 ≤  x  ≤ 0.125): polymorphs, phase relations and transitions, electronic and magnetic structuresWang, Haipeng; Salveson, Ian