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1997Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) production from whey using recombinant Escherichia coliLee, S.; Middelberg, A.; Lee, Y.
1997Design analysis for refolding monomeric proteinKotlarski, N.; O'Neill, B.; Francis, G.; Middelberg, A.
1996Quantitation of chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (CAT) messenger RNA by filter hybridisation using a digoxigenin labelJorgensen, L.; Middelberg, A.; O'Neill, B.; Thomas, C.
1996Simulation of compression effects during scaleup of a commercial ion-exchange processColby, C.; O'Neill, B.; Vaughan, F.; Middelberg, A.
1996Large-scale recovery of recombinant protein inclusion bodies expressed in Escherichia coliMiddelberg, A.
1996Generating operating command sequences for the regulation of complex chemical processes using artificial intelligence techniquesO'Neill, Brian K.; Roach, John Robert C.; Strimaitis, P. J.
1997Collaborative Learning Groups for Problem-Solving TutorialsZhang, D. K.; Peterson, Raymond Frederick
1998A new design parameter - "the Fit Factor" for the retrofit design of heat recovery systems.Al-Fakih, N.; O'Neill, Brian K.; Roach, John Robert C.
1997Polarization of emission from asymmetric rotors. II. Vector reorientation through intramolecular coupling and inelastic collisionsTruhins, Kaspars; McCaffery, Anthony J.; Alwahabi, Zeyad T.; Zaid, Rawi
1997Polarization of emission in asymmetric rotors, I. The effects of elastic collisions, electron and nuclear spinsTruhins, Kaspars; Alwahabi, Zeyad T.; Auzinsh, Marcis; McCaffery, Anthony J.; Rawi, Zaid