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2019An electrolytic Zn–MnO₂ battery for high-voltage and scalable energy storageChao, D.; Zhou, W.; Ye, C.; Zhang, Q.; Chen, Y.; Gu, L.; Davey, K.; Qiao, S.
2018Heteroatom-doped nanoporous carbon derived from MOF-5 for CO₂ captureMa, X.; Li, L.; Chen, R.; Wang, C.; Li, H.; Wang, S.
2018Removal of monoethylene glycol from wastewater by using Zr-metal organic frameworksZaboon, S.; Abid, H.R.; Yao, Z.; Gubner, R.; Wang, S.; Barifcani, A.
2018Carbon-coated three-dimensional WS₂ film consisting of WO₃@WS₂ core-shell blocks and layered WS₂ nanostructures as counter electrodes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsShen, Z.; Wang, M.; Liu, L.; Sofianos, M.V.; Yang, H.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.
2018Phosphate adsorption onto thermally dehydrated aluminate cement granulesZha, Z.; Ren, Y.; Wang, S.; Qian, Z.; Yang, L.; Cheng, P.; Han, Y.; Wang, M.
2018Highly defective layered double perovskite oxide for efficient energy storage via reversible pseudocapacitive oxygen-anion intercalationLiu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Veder, J.-.P.M.; Xu, Z.; Zhong, Y.; Zhou, W.; Tade, M.O.; Wang, S.; Shao, Z.
2018Spontaneous formation of noble- and heavy-metal-free alloyed semiconductor quantum rods for efficient photocatalysisChen, D.; Zhang, H.; Li, Y.; Pang, Y.; Yin, Z.; Sun, H.; Zhang, L.-.C.; Wang, S.; Saunders, M.; Barker, E.; Jia, G.
2018Catalytic palladium membrane reactors for one-step benzene hydroxylation to phenolWang, X.; Zou, Y.; Meng, B.; Tan, X.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.
2017A review on photocatalysis for air treatment: from catalyst development to reactor designBoyjoo, Y.; Sun, H.; Liu, J.; Pareek, V.K.; Wang, S.
2018Design of metallic nickel hollow fiber membrane modules for pure hydrogen separationLi, Y.; Zhang, M.; Chu, Y.; Tan, X.; Gao, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.