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2007Sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) as an electrode binder for direct methanol fuel cellJung, H.; Cho, K.; Sung, K.; Kim, W.; Kurkuri, M.; Park, J.
2012A tribute to Ei Horikoshi (1932-2009)Shimizu, M.; Otoh, S.; Cook, N.
2013Modify the morphology of colloidal Agâ‚‚Se nanostructures by laser irradiationZhao, L.; Gao, Z.; Liu, H.; Yang, J.; Qiao, S.; Du, X.
2016Sludge-drying lagoons: a potential significant methane source in wastewater treatment plantsPan, Y.; Ye, L.; van den Akker, B.; Ganigue Pages, R.; Musenze, R.; Yuan, Z.
2013Pyrite nanorod arrays as an efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsHuang, Q.; Ling, T.; Qiao, S.; Du, X.
2003Catalytic effect of NOx in CH4 partial oxidation: a perspective application in CH4 reformingZhu, J.; Barnes, F.; Bromly, J.; Zhang, D.; King, K.; Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, ASPACC 2003 (23-26 November 2003 : Southeast University, Nanjing, China)
2003CH4 reforming by direct partial oxidation: high temperature tests and validation of reaction mechanismZhu, J.; Barnes, F.; Bromly, J.; Zhang, D.; King, K.; Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion (4th : 2003 : Nanjing, China)
2003Application of saturated laser polarisation spectroscopy in combustion diagnosticsAlwahabi, Z.; Reppel, J.; Nathan, G.; King, K.; Dally, B.; Australian Symposium on Combustion (2003 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2002Mechanisms surrounding heat generation in methane/air mixtures surrounding a radiation-heated particleStamatov, V.; King, K.; Zhang, D.; Australian Symposium on Combustion and The Australian Flame Days (07 Feb 2002 : Adelaide University)
2002Direct CH4 partial oxidation for Syngas production: Determination of the minimum residence timeZhu, J.; Zhang, D.; King, K.; Australian Symposium on Combustion (2002 : Adelaide, S.Aust.)