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2019Surface-halogenation-induced atomic-site activation and local charge separation for superb CO₂ photoreductionHao, L.; Kang, L.; Huang, H.; Ye, L.; Han, K.; Yang, S.; Yu, H.; Batmunkh, M.; Zhang, Y.; Ma, T.
2019The spectroelectrochemical behaviour of redox-active manganese salen complexesSolomon, M.B.; Chan, B.; Kubiak, C.P.; Jolliffe, K.A.; D'Alessandro, D.M.
2019Development of a photoswitchable lithium-sensitive probe to analyze nonselective cation channel activity in migrating cancer cellsPei, J.; Heng, S.; De Ieso, M.; Sylvia, G.; Kourghi, M.; Nourmohammadi, S.; Abell, A.; Yool, A.
20162D/2D nano-hybrids of γ-MnO₂ on reduced graphene oxide for catalytic ozonation and coupling peroxymonosulfate activationWang, Y.; Xie, Y.; Sun, H.; Xiao, J.; Cao, H.; Wang, S.
20192D metal organic framework nanosheet: a universal platform promoting highly efficient visible-light-induced hydrogen productionRan, J.; Qu, J.; Zhang, H.; Wen, T.; Wang, H.; Chen, S.; Song, L.; Zhang, X.; Jing, L.; Zheng, R.; Qiao, S.
20193D bioprinted nanocellulose-based hydrogels for tissue engineering applications: a brief reviewAthukoralalage, S.; Balu, R.; Dutta, N.; Choudhury, N.
2019Integrating surface plasmon resonance and slow photon effects in nanoporous anodic alumina photonic crystals for photocatalysisLim, S.Y.; Law, C.S.; Liu, L.; Markovic, M.; Abell, A.D.; Santos, A.
2015A comprehensive review on the assessment of fuel additive effects on combustion behavior in CI engine fuelled with diesel biodiesel blendsImdadul, H.; Masjuki, H.; Kalam, M.; Zulkifli, N.; Rashed, M.; Rashedul, H.; Monirul, I.; Mosarof, M.
2015A comprehensive review on biodiesel cold flow properties and oxidation stability along with their improvement processesMonirul, I.; Masjuki, H.; Kalam, M.; Zulkifli, N.; Rashedul, H.; Rashed, M.; Imdadul, H.; Mosarof, M.
1997Chemical Treatment of Escherichia coli: 1. Extraction of Intracellular Protein from Uninduced CellsFalconer, R.; O'Neill, B.; Middelberg, A.