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2019Cobalt@nitrogen-doped bamboo-structured carbon nanotube to boost photocatalytic hydrogen evolution on carbon nitrideLiu, Q.; Zeng, C.; Xie, Z.; Ai, L.; Liu, Y.; Zhou, Q.; Jiang, J.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2018Rare earth element geochemistry of feldspars: examples from Fe-oxide Cu-Au systems in the Olympic Cu-Au Province, South AustraliaKontonikas-Charos, A.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.; Ehrig, K.; Krneta, S.; Kamenetsky, V.
2017Rare earth element behaviour in apatite from the olympic dam Cu–U–Au–Ag deposit, South AustraliaKrneta, S.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.; Ehrig, K.; Kontonikas-Charos, A.
2019Graphene-based aerogels derived from biomass for energy storage and environmental remediationMyung, Y.; Jung, S.; Tung, T.; Tripathi, K.; Kim, T.
2019Cobalt cyclotetraphosphate (Co₂P₄O₁₂ ): a new high-performance electrode material for supercapacitorsPatil, D.; Koteswararao, B.; Begari, K.; Yogi, A.; Moussa, M.; Dubal, D.
2017The Wirrda Well and Acropolis prospects, Gawler Craton, South Australia: insights into evolving fluid conditions through apatite chemistryKrneta, S.; Cook, N.; Ciobanu, C.; Ehrig, K.; Kontonikas-Charos, A.
2014Albitization and redistribution of REE and Y in IOCG systems: Insights from Moonta-Wallaroo, Yorke Peninsula, South AustraliaKontonikas-Charos, A.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.
2017The IOCG-IOA Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit and nearby prospects, South AustraliaEhrig, K.; Kamenetsky, V.; McPhie, J.; Apukhtina, O.; Ciobanu, C.L.; Cook, N.; Kontonikas-Charos, A.; Krneta, S.; SGA Biennial Meeting (20 Aug 2017 - 23 Aug 2017 : Quebec City, Canada)
2012Study on oxygen activation and methane oxidation over La₀.₈Sr₀.2MnO₃ electrode in single-chamber solid oxide fuel cells via an electrochemical approachZheng, Y.; Ran, R.; Qiao, S.; Shao, Z.
2019Comparative evaluation of in situ stress monitoring with Rayleigh wavesHughes, J.M.; Vidler, J.; Ng, C.; Khanna, A.; Mohabuth, M.; Rose, L.F.; Kotooussov, A.