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2019Copper-arsenic Nanoparticles in hematite: fingerprinting fluid-mineral interactionVerdugo Ihl, M.; Ciobanu, C.L.; Slattery, A.; Cook, N.J.; Ehrig, K.; Courtney-Davies, L.
2014Impedance spectroscopy study of nanopore arrays for biosensing applicationsKant, K.; Kurkuri, M.; Yu, J.; Shapter, J.; Priest, C.; Losic, D.
2009Influence of anionic surfactant on the rheological properties of hydrophobically modified polyethylene-oxide/cyclodextrin inclusion complexesLiao, D.; Dai, S.; Tam, K.
2016Microwave assisted laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy at ambient conditionsViljanen, J.; Sun, Z.; Alwahabi, Z.
2012Assessment of a new combined fractionation technique for characterization of the natural organic matter in the coagulation processBazrafkan, B.; Wei, Q.; Fabris, R.; Chow, C.; van Leeuwen, J.; Wang, D.; Drikas, M.
2008Characterization of virtual nano-structures through the use of Monte Carlo integrationHerrera, L.; Do, D.; Birkett, G.
2009Effects of surface structure on the molecular projection area. Adsorption of argon and nitrogen onto defective surfaces : a contribution on the occasion of 60th birthday of Professor Mietek JaroniecHerrera, L.; Do, D.
2013On the condensation/evaporation pressures and isosteric heats for argon adsorption in pores of different cross-sectionsWang, Y.; Do, D.; Herrera, L.; Nicholson, D.
2008Nanostructured titania-diphosphonate hybrid materials with a porous hierarchyZhang, X.; Ma, T.; Yuan, Z.
2012A self-consistent method to determine accessible volume, area and pore size distribution (APSD) of BPL, Norit and AX-21 activated carbonHerrera, L.; Fan, C.; Nguyen, V.; Do, D.; Horikawa, T.; Nicholson, D.