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2018A Semi-analytical model for pressure-dependent permeability of tight sandstone reservoirsZhu, S.; Du, Z.; Li, C.; Salmachi, A.; Peng, X.; Wang, C.; Yue, P.; Deng, P.
2015A new CO₂-resistant Ruddlesden-Popper oxide with superior oxygen transport: A-site deficient (Pr₀.₉La₀.₁)₁.₉(Ni₀.₇₄Cu₀.₂₁Ga₀.₀₅)O₄₊ổXue, J.; Liao, Q.; Chen, W.; Bouwmeester, H.J.M.; Wang, H.; Feldhoff, A.
2018Understanding the effects of nanocapsular mechanical property on passive and active tumor targetingHui, Y.; Wibowo, D.; Liu, Y.; Ran, R.; Wang, H.; Seth, A.; Middelberg, A.; Zhao, C.
2000Correlation of O2 uptake rate and mitochondrial activity in carrot cell cultures exposed to laminar fluid shearWong, V.; Williams, D.; Colby, C.; Saint, D.
2014Carbon nanotubes altering specificity of repeated PCR and DNA integrity propertiesDu, X.; An, H.; Jin, B.; Meng, L.; Liu, Q.
2014Grass-like Co₃O₄ nanowire arrays anode with high rate capability and excellent cycling stability for lithium-ion batteriesZhan, L.; Wang, S.; Ding, L.; Li, Z.; Wang, H.
2014Hierarchical MoS₂ microboxes constructed by nanosheets with enhanced electrochemical properties for lithium storage and water splittingZhang, L.; Wu, H.; Yan, Y.; Wang, X.; Lou, X.
2013Microfluidic synthesis of monodisperse hierarchical silica particles with raspberry-like morphologyZhao, C.; Middelberg, A.
2015Computational study of elements of stability of a four-helix bundle protein biosurfactantSchaller, A.; Connors, N.; Dwyer, M.; Oelmeier, S.; Hubbuch, J.; Middelberg, A.
2015Ionic liquid self-combustion synthesis of BiOBr/Bi₂₄O₃₁Br₁₀ heterojunctions with exceptional visible-light photocatalytic performancesLi, F.; Wang, Q.; Ran, J.; Hao, Y.; Wang, X.; Zhao, D.; Qiao, S.