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2014Effect of operating conditions on yield and quality of biocrude during hydrothermal liquefaction of halophytic microalga Tetraselmis sp.Eboibi, B.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.; Chinnasamy, S.
2009Microbial flocculation, a potentially low-cost harvesting technique for marine microalgae for the production of biodieselLee, A.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.
2014Hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae for biocrude production: improving the biocrude properties with vacuum distillationEboibi, B.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.; Chinnasamy, S.
2013Harvesting of marine microalgae by electroflocculation: the energetics, plant design, and economicsLee, A.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.
2013Force and energy requirement for microalgal cell disruption: an atomic force microscope evaluationLee, A.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.
2012Disruption of microalgal cells for the extraction of lipids for biofuels: Processes and specific energy requirementsLee, K.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.
2015Release of Cl, S, P, K, and Na during thermal conversion of algal biomassLane, D.; Van Eyk, P.; Ashman, P.; Kwong, C.; De Nys, R.; Roberts, D.; Cole, A.; Lewis, D.
2016Technical issues in the large-scale hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgal biomass to biocrudeLee, A.; Lewis, D.; Kalaitzidis, T.; Ashman, P.
2010Energy requirements and economic analysis of a full-scale microbial flocculation system for microalgal harvestingLee, A.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.
2013Harvesting, thickening and dewartering microalgae biomassPahl, S.; Lee, K.; Kalaitzidis, T.; Ashman, P.; Sathe, S.; Lewis, D.