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2013Graphene and graphene oxide as new nanocarriers for drug delivery applicationsLiu, J.; Cui, L.; Losic, D.
2017From graphene oxide to reduced graphene oxide: impact on the physiochemical and mechanical properties of graphene-cement compositesGholampour, A.; Valizadeh Kiamahalleh, M.; Tran, D.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.; Losic, D.
2015Graphene: a multipurpose material for protective coatingsNine, M.; Cole, M.; Tran, D.; Losic, D.
2012Porous silica microshells from diatoms as biocarrier for drug delivery applicationsAw, M.; Simovic, S.; Yu, Y.; Addai-Mensah, J.; Losic, D.
2012Magnetic-responsive delivery of drug-carriers using titania nanotube arraysAw, M.; Addai-Mensah, J.; Losic, D.
2019Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles decorated graphene for chemoresistive gas sensing: the particle size effectsTung, T.; Chien, N.; Van Duy, N.; Van Hieu, N.; Nine, M.; Coghlan, C.; Tran, D.; Losic, D.
2018A facile synthesis procedure for sulfonated aniline oligomers with distinct microstructuresKarunagaran, R.; Coghlan, C.; Tran, D.; Tung, T.; Burgun, A.; Doonan, C.; Losic, D.
2013Nanoporous anodic aluminium oxide: Advances in surface engineering and emerging applicationsJani, A.; Losic, D.; Voelcker, N.
2015Graphene-diatom silica aerogels for efficient removal of mercury ions from waterKabiri, S.; Tran, D.; Azari, S.; Losic, D.
2018Scanning atmospheric plasma for ultrafast reduction of graphene oxide and fabrication of highly conductive graphene films and patternsAlotaibi, F.; Tung, T.; Nine, M.; Kabiri, S.; Moussa, M.; Tran, D.; Losic, D.