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2016Active sites implanted carbon cages in core-shell architecture: highly active and durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionZhang, H.; Ma, Z.; Duan, J.; Liu, H.; Liu, G.; Wang, T.; Chang, K.; Li, M.; Shi, L.; Meng, X.; Wu, K.; Ye, J.
2017Atomic modulation of FeCo-nitrogen-carbon bifunctional oxygen electrodes for rechargeable and flexible all-solid-state zinc-air batterySu, C.; Cheng, H.; Li, W.; Liu, Z.; Li, N.; Hou, Z.; Bai, F.; Zhang, H.; Ma, T.
2012Purification and characterization of alkaline pectin lyase from a newly isolated Bacillus clausii and its application in elicitation of plant disease resistanceLi, Z.; Bai, Z.; Zhang, B.; Li, B.; Jin, B.; Zhang, M.; Lin, F.; Zhang, H.
2016Silicon/Wolfram Carbide@Graphene composite: enhancing conductivity and structure stability in amorphous-silicon for high lithium storage performanceSun, W.; Hu, R.; Liu, H.; Zhang, H.; Liu, J.; Yang, L.; Wang, H.; Zhu, M.
2012The enhancement of neural stem cell survival and growth by coculturing with expanded sertoli cells in vitroShi, B.; Deng, L.; Shi, X.; Dai, S.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Y.; Bi, J.; Guo, M.
2018Nanodiamonds in sp2/sp3 configuration for radical to nonradical oxidation: core-shell layer dependenceDuan, X.; Ao, Z.; Zhang, H.; Saunders, M.; Sun, H.; Shao, Z.; Wang, S.
2017Facile assembly of Bi₂O₃/Bi₂S₃/MoS₂ n-p heterojunction with layered n-Bi₂O₃ and p-MoS₂ for enhanced photocatalytic water oxidation and pollutant degradationKe, J.; Liu, J.; Sun, H.; Zhang, H.; Duan, X.; Liang, P.; Li, X.; Tade, M.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.
2015Nanobiocatalyst advancements and bioprocessing applicationsMisson, M.; Zhang, H.; Jin, B.
2017Three-dimensional BiOI/BiOX (X = Cl or Br) nanohybrids for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activityLiu, Y.; Xu, J.; Wang, L.; Zhang, H.; Xu, P.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2017Facile synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene via low-temperature pyrolysis: The effects of precursors and annealing ambience on metal-free catalytic oxidationLi, D.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Kang, J.; Zhang, H.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.