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1999Mathematical Modelling of Temperature Response of Low-rank Coal Particles during PyrolysisHeidenreich, Craig A.; Yan, Hongming; Zhang, Dong-ke
1999Isothermal start-up of pipeline transporting waxy crude oilChang, Cheng; Nguyen, Q. Dzuy; Ronningsen, Hans Petter
1999Measuring the temperature response of large wet coal particles during heatingHeidenreich, Craig A.; Zhang, Dong-ke
1999Low-temperature oxidation of coal studied using wire-mesh reactors with both steady-state and transient methodsSujanti, Wiwik; Zhang, Dong-ke; Ghen, Xuao Dong
1999Mathematical modelling of pyrolysis of large coal particles - estimation of kinetic parameters for methane evolutionHeidenreich, Craig A.; Yan, Hongming; Zhang, Dong-ke
1999The effect of particle size and heating rate on the transformation of sulphur during pyrolysis of a South Australian Low-rank CoalTelfer, Marnie Ann; Heidenreich, Craig A.; Zhang, Dong-ke
1999Control of fed-batch fermentationsLee, J.; Lee, S.; Park, S.; Middelberg, A.
1999The effect of precession on the ignition region in jet flamesYousefpour, N.; Reppel, J.A.; Alwahabi, Z.; Nathan, G.; King, K.
1999Investigations into the control of agglomeration and defluidization during fluidised-bed combustion of low-rank coalsVuthaluru, H. R.; Linjewile, Temi M.; Zhang, Dong-ke; Manzoori, A. R.
1999Modelling of fluidised-bed coal gasifiers: elimination of the combustion product distribution coefficient by considering homogeneous combustionYan, Hongming; Zhang, Dong-ke