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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Proceedings of the 2002 Australian Symposium on Combustion and the 7th Australian Flame DaysKing, K.; Ashman, P.; Mullinger, P.
2002Rate constants for the gas-phase reactions of silylene with methanol, deuterated methanol, and waterAlexander, U.; King, K.; Lawrance, W.
2005Explosions of methane/air mixtures induced by radiation-heated large inert particlesStamatov, V.; King, K.; Zhang, D.
2001Vibrational energy transfer modeling on nonequilibrium polyatomic reaction systemsBarker, J.; Yoder, L.; King, K.
2001Pressure and temperature dependence of the gas-phase reaction of silylene with dimethyl etherAlexander, U.; King, K.; Lawrance, W.
2000Temperature dependence of germylene reactions with acetylene, trimethylsilane, and phenylgermaneAlexander, U.; King, K.; Lawrance, W.
2001The gas-phase reaction of SiH2 with dimethylether: kinetic evidence for direct formation of a donor-acceptor adductBecerra, R.; Carpenter, I.; Gutsche, G.; King, K.; Lawrance, W.; Staker, W.; Walsh, R.
2001The design of the flames for the Sydney 2000 Olympic GamesKing, K.; World Congress of Chemical Engineering (23 Sep 2001 : Melbourne, Australia)
2000A modelling study of a cement plant pre-calcinerKing, K.; Desai, D.; May, J.; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (28th : 2000 : Perth, Australia)
2005The effect of global mixing on soot volume fraction: measurements in simple jet, precessing jet, and bluff body flamesQamar, N.; Nathan, G.; Alwahabi, Z.; King, K.