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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Virtual porous carbons: what they are and what they can be used forBiggs, M.; Buts, A.
2006Granular temperature distribution in a gas fluidized bed of hollow microparticles prior to onset of bubblingXie, L.; Biggs, M.; Glass, D.; Egelhaaf, S.; Petekidis, G.
2006Characterization of the porosity of a microporous model carbonCai, Q.; Buts, A.; Seaton, N.; Biggs, M.
2006Ab initio protein fold prediction using evolutionary algorithms: Influence of design and control parameters on performanceDjurdjevic, D.; Biggs, M.
2006The importance of understanding possible chemical interactions in the routine testing used to assess the acid producing potential and the acid neutralization potential of soilsThomas, J.; Smart, R.; Weber, P.; Gerson, A.; Schumann, R.; Levay, G.; Stewart, W.; Miller, S.; World Congress of Soil Science (18th : 2006 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
2006Granular temperature in a gas fluidised bedBiggs, M.; Glass, D.; Xie, L.; Zivkovic, V.; Kounders, M.; World Congress on Particle Technology (5th : 2006 : Orlando, Florida)
2006Acid production from the leaching of pyrite and chalcopyriteGerson, A.; Thomas, J.; International Conference Acid Rock Drainage (7th : 2006 : St. Louis, Missouri)
2006DRIFT Infrared Spectroscopy Studies of Organic Matter Interactions at Mineral SurfacesThomas, J.; Schmidt, R.; Kelley, M.; Canuel, E.; World Congress of Soil Science (18th : 2006 : Philadelphia, Pa.)
2006Optimisation of production of a wine haze protective factorMacintyre, O.; Colby, C.; Chambers, P.; O'Neill, B.; Pretorius, I.; Waters, E.; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (34th : 2006 : Auckland, N.Z.)
2006Use of nanofiltration for tartrate stabilisation of wineLow, L.; Colby, C.; O'Neill, B.; Ford, C.; Godden, J.; Gishen, M.; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (34th : 2006 : Auckland, N.Z.)