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2004Expression, purification, and in vitro characterization of recombinant salmon insulin-like growth factor-IIWilkinson, Ryan J.; Elliott, Phillip Wayne; Carragher, John F.; Francis, Geoffrey Leonard
2004Molecular simulation evidence for solidlike adsorbate in complex carbonaceous micropore structuresBiggs, M.; Buts, A.; Williamson, D.
2004Absolute assessment of adsorption-based porous solid characterization methods : comparison methodsBiggs, M.; Buts, A.; Williamson, D.
2004Adhesive forces between adsorbed anionic polyelectrolyte layers in high ionic strength solutionsBremmell, Kristin Elizabeth; Scales, Peter J.
2004Vitronectin adsorption on surfaces visualized by tapping mode atomic force microscopyZhang, Hailong; Bremmell, Kristen Elizabeth; Kumar, Sunil; Smart, Roger St C.
2004Optimising the dewatering behaviour of clay dispersions via interfacial chemistry and shear induced particle interactionsMcFarlane, A. J.; Addai-Mensah, Jonas; Bremmell, Kristin Elizabeth; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (32nd : 2004 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2004The role of sodium and calcium as inherent catalysts during the gasification of low-rank coalPoeze, A.; Ashman, P.; Australasian Chemical Engineering Conference (32nd : 2004 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2004A model for restart of a pipeline with compressible gelled waxy crude oilDavidson, M.; Nguyen, Q.; Chang, C.; Hans, P.
2004Reliability-based approach to multicriteria decision analysis for water resourcesHyde, K.; Maier, H.; Colby, C.
2004The influence of mass loading on particle distribution in the near field of a co-annular jetBirzer, C.; Kalt, P.; Nathan, G.; Smith, N.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (15th : 2004 : Sydney, Australia)