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Type: Journal article
Title: The Chinese Communist Party's united front work with the legal profession
Author: Groot, G.
O'Brien, R.
Citation: Hong Kong Law Journal, 2012; 42(3):939-969
Publisher: Hong Kong Law Journal Ltd.
Issue Date: 2012
ISSN: 0378-0600
Statement of
Gerry Groot and Roderick O'Brien
Abstract: This article traces the involvement of lawyers in the Chinese Communist Party's united front work from the 1930s until today. It outlines the disappearance of the legal profession under Maoism, its revival as part of the economic reforms of the late-1970s and its increasing importance since. We detail how lawyers have therefore become a particular target of united front work aimed at monitoring, educating, influencing and channelling their involvement in politics in ways that minimise their potential to become critical of the Party-state system and maximise their contribution. Co-optation is secured through public recognition, as well as access to the political system and the valuable business connections this access can involve. The role of non-Party personages and the corporatist bodies underpinning much united front work, such as the All China Lawyers Association and the minor parties and groups is discussed while the role of these in the National Peoples' Congress and Chinese Peoples' Political Consultative Conference are explained and key examples provided.
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