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2007Buckling failure of interface cracks loaded in shearKotooussov, A.; Harding, S.
2007Strategies for the repair of stress-corrosion cracked gas transmission pipelines: assessment of the potential for fatigue failure of dormant stress-corrosion cracks due to cyclic pressure serviceLinton, V.; Gamboa, E.; Law, M.
2007Effect of material properties of composite restoration on the strength of the restoration-dentine interface due to polymerization shrinkage, thermal and occlusal loadingBorkowski, K.; Kotooussov, A.; Kahler, W.
2007Micromechanical study on high-temperature behavior of ZrO2 particle-dispersed Ni compositesTsukamoto, H.; Kotooussov, A.
2007Micromechanical approach to transformation toughening in zirconia-enriched multiphase compositesTsukamoto, H.; Kotooussov, A.
2007Effect of a thin plastic adhesive layer on the stress singularities in a bi-material wedgeKotooussov, A.
2007Contact damage evolution in a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating on a stainless steel substrateXie, Z.; Singh, R.; Bendavid, A.; Martin, P.; Munroe, P.; Hoffman, M.
2007Microstructural response of TiN monolithic and multilayer coatings during microscratch testingXie, Z.; Hoffman, M.; Munroe, P.; Singh, R.; Bendavid, A.; Martin, P.
2007On the structure-property relationship of sound and hypomineralized enamelXie, Z.; Mahoney, E.; Kilpatrick, N.; Swain, M.; Hoffman, M.
2007Fatigue crack extension and repair of pipes with SCC cracksLinton, V.; Gamboa, E.; Law, M.; Biennial Pipeline Research Joint Technical Meeting (16th : 2007 : Canberra, Australia)