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dc.description.abstractDB sends Prof. J. C. Cleland local variations of C.A.[Central Australian?]mobs' dialects 2.6.1931. Includes Wirongu wongga, Bulu wongga and Wongaii wonga from S.W. Western Australia and Western Bight area of South Australia. There is some discussion of marriage laws and the fair and dark divisions among the groups.en
dc.format.extentLetter 6 p., C.A. dialect 26 p., General vocabulary 20 p., Short sentences 11 p., Miscellaneous words and sentences 10 p., Bulu wongga 3 p., Wirongu wongga 7 p., Wongaii wongga 5 p., Miscellaneous 6 p. (Total 94 p.)en
dc.subject.otherVocabularies, Professor J. C. Cleland, Munjinga (male informant), Manggundha (male informant), Munbinya (informant) Binilya (female informant), Wirongu wongga, Bulu wongga, Wongaii wongga, Central Australian (C.A.)dialects,Mobba, Tarkula, Tarcoola, Yooldibina, Yuria, Fowlers bay, Bight, Ilgamba, Ooldea,Wirilya, Kalgoorlie, Laverton, Perth, Fremantle, Biyarup, Geraldton, Dieri, Guyani, Eabbunaen
dc.titleLetter to Dr. Cleland 2/6/31 and vocabulariesen
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