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2011Jacobian matrix for solving water distribution system equations with the Darcy-Weisbach head-loss modelSimpson, A.; Elhay, S.
2001Jet-cooled multiphoton ionization spectroscopy of the iso-butanal 3s←n Rydberg transitionMetha, G.; Buntine, M.; Bradley, A.; Morrison, R.
2006Joint probability and design storms at the crossroadsKuczera, G.; Lambert, M.; Heneker, T.; Jennings, S.; Frost, A.; Coombes, P.
2008A joint search for gravitational wave bursts with AURIGA and LIGOBaggio, L.; Bignotto, M.; Bonaldi, M.; Cerdonio, M.; De Rosa, M.; Falferi, P.; Fattori, S.; Fortini, P.; Giusfredi, G.; Inguscio, M.; Liguori, N.; Longo, S.; Marin, F.; Mezzena, R.; Mion, A.; Ortolan, A.; Poggi, S.; Prodi, G.; Salemi, F.; Soranzo, G.; et al.
2008A Kalman filter approach to virtual sensing for active noise controlPetersen, C.; Fraanje, R.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.; Hansen, C.
1996Karyotypes of frogs from south-west Pacific Ranid Frogs (Anura:Ranidae)Mahony, M.; Norris, R.; Donnellan, S.
2011Karyotypes of Moloch and Chelosania (Squamata: Acrodonta)Hutchinson, M.; Hutchinson, R.
2007Karyotypic variation in the Australian gecko Diplodactylus tessellatus, with the description of a new karyotypic complement for diplodactyline geckosOliver, P.; Hutchinson, M.; Hutchinson, R.
2009Kick: Constraining a stochastic search procedure with molecular fragmentsAddicoat, M.; Metha, G.
2008A kinematic, metamorphic and geochronological framework for intracratonic reworking in the Western Musgrave Block, Central Australia: Evidence for lower crustal extrusionRaimondo, T.; Collins, A.; Hand, M.; Walker-Hallam, A.; Smithies, H.; Evins, P.; Australian Earth Science Convention (19th : 2008 : Perth, Western Australia)
2003Kinetic model for selective cultivation of microfungi in a microscreen process for food processing wastewater treatment and biomass productionVan Leeuwen, J.; Hu, Z.; Yi, T.; Pometto III, A.; Jin, B.
2008Kinetic modelling for photosynthesis of hydrogen and methane through catalytic reduction of carbon dioxides with water vapourTan, S.; Zou, L.; Hu, E.
2009Kinetic study and equilibrium isotherm analysis of Congo Red adsorption by clay materialsVimonses, V.; Lei, S.; Jin, B.; Chow, C.; Saint, C.
2013Kinetically controlled porosity in a robust organic cage materialAvellaneda, A.; Valente, P.; Burgun, A.; Evans, J.; Markwell-Heys, A.; Rankine, D.; Nielsen, D.; Hill, M.; Sumby, C.; Doonan, C.
2009Kinetics of sodium release from a single brown coal particle burning in a flat flamevan Eyk, P.; Ashman, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Nathan, G.; Australian Combustion Symposium (2009 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2001Knowledge discovery for prediction and explanation of blue-green algal dynamics in lakes by evolutionary algorithmsBobbin, J.; Recknagel, F.
1996Koala Ecology in the Mt Lofty Ranges: Another Kangaroo Island?Bryan, Brett Anthony
2005Krawaree West, Upper Shoalhaven River Catchment, New South WalesHill, Steven Matthew; Roach, Ian C.; Lewis, A. C.
2010L(+)-lactic acid production using sugarcane molasses and waste potato starch: An alternative approachZhang, Z.; Jin, B.
2006La politica del agua en la Unión Europea: Comparación de la tutela de los recursos hídricos en Italia y en EspañaRigosi, A.; Ambientalia: Water: I Andalusian Congress Sustainable Development - V Andalusian Congress of Environmental Sciences (2006 : Granada)