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2005Modelling prawn movement and spatial dynamics in the Spencer Gulf and West Coast prawn fisheriesCarrick, N. A.; Ostendorf, Bertram Franz
2000Feature and decision level fusion of radar, optical and topographic data for detecting human settlements in West JavaBryan, Brett Anthony; Karsidi, Asep
2000Modeling the propagation of land clearance using cellular automata and the implications for nature conservationBryan, Brett Anthony
2002Classification and information processing at the turn of the millenniumLee, Michael David
2002New genus and two new species of gall midge (Diptera : Cecidomyiidae) damaging buds on Eucalyptus in AustraliaKolesik, Peter; Taylor, Gary Stewart; Kent, D. S.
2004The oldest genus of scincid lizard (Squamata) from the tertiary etadunna formation of South AustraliaMartin, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Meredith, R.; Case, J.; Pledge, N.
2009Exploring biological constraints on the glacial history of AntarcticaConvey, P.; Stevens, M.; Hodgson, D.; Smellie, J.; Hillenbrand, C.; Barnes, D.; Clarke, A.; Pugh, P.; Linse, K.; Cary, C.
2004Investigation of passive control devices for potential application to a launch vehicle structure to reduce the interior noise levels during launch: Report for Stage 4, Tasks 1 and 2Howard, Carl Quentin; Hansen, Colin Henry; Morgans, Rick C.; Zander, Anthony Charles
2001Managing an influenza pandemic in Australia using a spatial decisions support systemBryan, Brett Anthony; Australasian Urban & Regional Information Systems Association Conference (2001 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2006Systematic landscape restoration using integer programmingCrossman, Neville David; Bryan, Brett Anthony