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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Initial results on the fabrication of long-period fiber Bragg gratings with a CO₂ laserArmitage, J.; Hsu, M.; Munch, J.; Corbett, K.; Grant, K.; Jewell, C.
2001Effect of hydrogen additive on the evolution of beam divergence incopper bromide lasersFoster, P.; Davis, P.; McCoy, D.; Munch, J.
2001Temporal structure of stimulated-Brillouin-scattering reflectivity considering transversal-mode developmentAfshar Vahid, S.; Heuer, A.; Menzel, R.; Munch, J.
2001A transient, three-dimensional model of stimulated Brillouin scatteringAfshar Vahid, S.; Munch, J.
2003Investigation of critical slowing down in a bistable S-SEEDClare, B.; Corbett, K.; Grant, K.; Atanackovic, P.; Marwood, W.; Munch, J.
2003Diffractive optics for beam combination and steering of fibre laser arraysBennetts, S.; Lancaster, D.; Munch, J.; Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy (2003 : Melbourne, Australia)
2005ACIGA Status Report: Gingin High Power Test FacilityMunch, J.; LIGO Scientific Collaboration Meeting (2005 : Livingston, Louisiana)
2002Feasibility of photonic sigma-delta analog-to-digital conversionClare, B.; Corbett, K.; Grant, K.; Atanackovic, P.; Marwood, W.; Munch, J.; Australian Institute of Physics Congress (15th : 2002 : Sydney, N.S.W.)
2006Comparison of parametric instabilities for different test mass materials in advanced gravitational wave interferometersJu, L.; Zhao, C.; Gras, S.; Degallaix, J.; Blair, D.; Munch, J.; Reitze, D.
2000Variation in the coherence length of a phase conjugating oscillatorAnikeev, I.; Munch, J.