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2004Using immune genetic algorithm to optimize the reactive powerHuang, W.; Hu, E.; Ghamami, K.; Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (14th : 2004 : Brisbane, Australia)
2004Application of neural networks as an auxiliary technique in the modelling of power stationGhamami, K.; Hu, E.; Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (14th : 2004 : Brisbane, Australia)
2004Adding burrows to enhance a population of the endangered pygmy blue tongue lizard, Tiliqua adelaidensisSouter, N.; Bull, C.; Hutchinson, M.
2004The oldest genus of scincid lizard (Squamata) from the tertiary etadunna formation of South AustraliaMartin, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Meredith, R.; Case, J.; Pledge, N.
2004Investigation of passive control devices for potential application to a launch vehicle structure to reduce the interior noise levels during launch: Report for Stage 4, Tasks 1 and 2Howard, Carl Quentin; Hansen, Colin Henry; Morgans, Rick C.; Zander, Anthony Charles
2004Feasibility of active vibration isolation of diesel engines in Collins class submarinesLi, Xun; Howard, Carl Quentin; Hansen, Colin Henry; Winberg, M.
2004Characterization of conducting polymer coated synthetic fabrics for heat generationHakansson, E.; Kaynak, A.; Lin, T.; Saeid, N.; Jones, T.; Hu, E.
2004Experimental study of the degradation of volatile organic compounds by photocatalytic oxidation using TiO2 pelletsZou, L.; Hu, E.; Luo, Y.; Atkinson, S.; International Conference on the Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution (12th : 2004 : Rhodes, Greece)
2004Intelligence and individual differences in performance on three types of visually presented optimisation problemsVickers, Douglas; Mayo, Therese; Heitmann, Megan; Lee, Michael David; Hughes, Peter Brian
2004Broadscale surveys of Crown-of-thorns starfish along the Great Barrier Reef 1993-2003. 35p.Miller, Ian; Coleman, Greg; Delean, John Steven Craig; Sweatman, Hugh