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2018Profiling the diversity of Cryptosporidium species and genotypes in wastewater treatment plants in Australia using next generation sequencingZahedi, A.; Gofton, A.W.; Greay, T.; Monis, P.; Oskam, C.; Ball, A.; Bath, A.; Watkinson, A.; Robertson, I.; Ryan, U.
2018Ecomorphological diversity of Australian tadpolesSherratt, E.; Anstis, M.; Keogh, J.
2018Objective regolith-landform mapping in a regolith dominated terrain to inform mineral explorationCaruso, A.; Clarke, K.; Tiddy, C.; Delean, S.; Lewis, M.
2018Reconstructing the deep population history of Central and South AmericaAdamski, N.; Bertolini, E.; Broomandkhoshbacht, N.; Cooper, A.; Culleton, B.; Ferraz, T.; Ferry, M.; Furtwängler, A.; Haak, W.; Harkins, K.; Harper, T.; Hünemeier, T.; Lawson, A.; Llamas, B.; Michel, M.; Nelson, E.; Oppenheimer, J.; Patterson, N.; Schiffels, S.; Sedig, J.; et al.
2018Cenozoic conifer wood from the Gore Lignite Measures, Southland, New ZealandVanner, M.; Conran, J.; Bannister, J.; Lee, D.
2018The biomechanics of foraging determines face length among kangaroos and their relativesMitchell, D.; Sherratt, E.; Ledogar, J.; Wroe, S.
2018Reduced PRC2 function alters male germline epigenetic programming and paternal inheritanceStringer, J.; Forster, S.; Qu, Z.; Prokopuk, L.; O'Bryan, M.; Gardner, D.; White, S.; Adelson, D.; Western, P.
2018Spatially designed revegetation - why the spatial arrangement of plants should be as important to revegetation as they are to natural systemsMcCallum, K.; Lowe, A.; Breed, M.; Paton, D.
2018miR-200/375 control epithelial plasticity-associated alternative splicing by repressing the RNA-binding protein QuakingPillman, K.; Phillips, C.; Roslan, S.; Toubia, J.; Dredge, B.; Bert, A.; Lumb, R.; Neumann, D.; Li, X.; Conn, S.; Liu, D.; Bracken, C.; Lawrence, D.; Stylianou, N.; Schreiber, A.; Tilley, W.; Hollier, B.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Selth, L.; Goodall, G.; et al.
2018Microbial micropatches within microbial hotspotsDann, L.; McKerral, J.; Smith, R.; Tobe, S.; Paterson, J.; Seymour, J.; Oliver, R.; Mitchell, J.
2018What was the vegetation in northwest Australia during the Paleogene, 66-23 million years ago?MacPhail, M.; Hill, R.
2018Specific growth conditions induce a Streptococcus pneumoniae non-mucoidal, small colony variant and determine the outcome of its co-culture with Haemophilus influenzaeTikhomirova, A.; Trappetti, C.; Standish, A.; Zhou, Y.; Breen, J.; Pederson, S.; Zilm, P.; Paton, J.; Kidd, S.
2018Transport pathways shape the biogeography of alien freshwater fishes in AustraliaGarcia Diaz, P.; Kerezsy, A.; Unmack, P.; Lintermans, M.; Beatty, S.; Butler, G.; Freeman, R.; Hammer, M.; Hardie, S.; Kennard, M.; Morgan, D.; Pusey, B.; Raadik, T.; Thiem, J.; Whiterod, N.; Cassey, P.; Duncan, R.
2018Reflecting on gold geomicrobiology research: thoughts and considerations for future endeavorsShuster, J.; Reith, F.
2018Evolution of the testis and spermatozoon in mice and rats (Subfamily Murinae) in the absence of sperm competitionPeirce, E.; McLennan, H.; Tuke, J.; Leigh, C.; Breed, W.
2018Environmentally- and human-induced body-size responses in Macropus robustus and Macropus rufus, two widespread kangaroo species with largely overlapping distributionsCorrell, R.; Prowse, T.; Prideaux, G.
2018Disentangling synergistic disease dynamics: Implications for the viral biocontrol of rabbitsWells, K.; Fordham, D.; Brook, B.; Cassey, P.; Cox, T.; O'Hara, R.; Schwensow, N.
2018A hybrid framework for quantifying the influence of data in hydrological model calibrationWright, D.; Thyer, M.; Westra, S.; McInerney, D.
2018High-quality fossil dates support a synchronous, Late Holocene extinction of devils and thylacines in mainland AustraliaWhite, L.; Saltré, F.; Bradshaw, C.; Austin, J.
2018A native parasitic plant affects the performance of an introduced host regardless of environmental variation across field sitesCirocco, R.; Facelli, J.; Watling, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 4874