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2019Exceptional disparity in Australian Agamid lizards is a possible result of arrival into vacant nicheGray, J.; Hutchinson, M.; Jones, M.
2019A general model for alien species richnessDuncan, R.; Cassey, P.; Pigot, A.; Blackburn, T.
2019A dated molecular perspective of eucalypt taxonomy, evolution and diversificationThornhill, A.; Crisp, M.; Külheim, C.; Lam, K.; Nelson, L.; Yeates, D.; Miller, J.
2019Bottom boundary layer cooling and wind-driven upwelling enhance the catchability of spanner crab (Ranina ranina) in South-East Queensland, AustraliaSpencer, D.; Brown, I.; Doubell, M.; Brown, C.; Redondo Rodriguez, A.; Lee, S.; Zhang, H.; Lemckert, C.
2019Mid Miocene-Last Interglacial Callitris (Cupressaceae) from south-eastern AustraliaPaull, R.; Hill, R.; Jordan, G.; Sniderman, K.
2019Statistical language backs conservatism in climate-change assessmentsHerrando-Pérez, S.; Bradshaw, C.; Lewandowsky, S.; Vieites, D.
2019Clumped planting arrangements improve seed production in a revegetated eucalypt woodlandMcCallum, K.; Breed, M.; Paton, D.; Lowe, A.
2019Can bacterial indicators of a grassy woodland restoration inform ecosystem assessment and microbiota-mediated human health?Liddicoat, C.; Weinstein, P.; Bissett, A.; Gellie, N.; Mills, J.; Waycott, M.; Breed, M.
2019Future ocean climate homogenizes communities across habitats through diversity loss and rise of generalist speciesBrustolin, M.C.; Nagelkerken, I.; Ferreira, C.M.; Goldenberg, S.U.; Ullah, H.; Fonseca, G.
2019Direct interaction of whole-inactivated influenza A and pneumococcal vaccines enhances influenza-specific immunityDavid, S.; Norton, T.; Tyllis, T.; Wilson, J.; Singleton, E.; Laan, Z.; Davies, J.; Hirst, T.; Comerford, I.; McColl, S.; Paton, J.; Alsharifi, M.
2019Cradles of diversity are unlikely relics of regional climate stabilityFordham, D.; Brown, S.; Wigley, T.; Rahbek, C.
2018Structural traits dictate abiotic stress amelioration by intertidal oystersMcAfee, D.; Bishop, M.; Yu, T.; Williams, G.
2018Profiling the diversity of Cryptosporidium species and genotypes in wastewater treatment plants in Australia using next generation sequencingZahedi, A.; Gofton, A.W.; Greay, T.; Monis, P.; Oskam, C.; Ball, A.; Bath, A.; Watkinson, A.; Robertson, I.; Ryan, U.
2018Allegory of a cave crustacean: systematic and biogeographic reality of Halosbaena (Peracarida: Thermosbaenacea) sought with molecular data at multiple scalesPage, T.; Hughes, J.; Real, K.; Stevens, M.; King, R.; Humphreys, W.
2018Genomewide SNP markers breathe new life into phylogeography and species delimitation for the problematic short-necked turtles (Chelidae: Emydura) of eastern AustraliaGeorges, A.; Gruber, B.; Pauly, G.; White, D.; Adams, M.; Young, M.; Kilian, A.; Zhang, X.; Shaffer, H.; Unmack, P.
2018Catalytic removal of aqueous contaminants on N-doped graphitic biochars: inherent roles of adsorption and nonradical mechanismZhu, S.; Huang, X.; Ma, F.; Wang, L.; Duan, X.; Wang, S.
2018The biomechanics of foraging determines face length among kangaroos and their relativesMitchell, D.; Sherratt, E.; Ledogar, J.; Wroe, S.
2018Disentangling synergistic disease dynamics: Implications for the viral biocontrol of rabbitsWells, K.; Fordham, D.; Brook, B.; Cassey, P.; Cox, T.; O'Hara, R.; Schwensow, N.
2018Ecomorphological diversity of Australian tadpolesSherratt, E.; Anstis, M.; Keogh, J.
2018How complex should models be? Comparing correlative and mechanistic range dynamics modelsFordham, D.; Bertelsmeier, C.; Brook, B.; Early, R.; Neto, D.; Brown, S.; Ollier, S.; Araújo, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 4909