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2022Flipping the classroom: Can changing delivery of the Australian Middle School Science Curriculum Improve Student Outcomes?Scherer, Benjamin Luke
2022Learning in Lockdown: Strategies for Success in Emergency Remote Instrumental Music TuitionTivendale, Hannah N.
2022How to promote EAL students' English capability in high school in AustraliaZhang, Qian
2022Is there actually a middle school plunge?Langsford, Louisa
2022What is the Most Effective Method for Teaching Improvisation in the Music Classroom?Selby, Owen
2022Mindfulness: Is it the missing link in the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework?Southern, Mikayla
2022'The Effects of Uncertainty on Movement and Space-use in Sheep'Bartsch, Sarah Tia
2021Health Journey Mapping to Identify Strength and Resilience as experienced by an Aboriginal Woman with Kidney DiseaseCormick, Alyssa
2021Gaming Disorder and Microtransactions: Understanding the Cognitive Processes behind In-Game PurchasesJarrad, Andrew R
2021Attitudes to Violence and Difficulties in Emotion Regulation as Dynamic Risk Factors for Physical Aggression and Violence Risk Among Violent OffendersCalliss, Joel B
2021Intended Parents' Experiences of Surrogacy: A Systematic Review and Meta-SynthesisHobson, Jill
2021Recalling autobiographical memories of nature moments for improved positive affectConaghty, Sue
2021Mindfulness and Interoception: Potential Mechanisms in the Relationship Between Meditation Practice, Alexithymia and Emotional AffectCeccon, Christian Rene
2021Exploring the Relationship Between Reputational Credit, Severity of a Transgression, Deservingness of Forgiveness and ForgivenessKalyvas, Alexia
2021The Impact of Time Outdoors on Pro-Environmental Behaviours as a Function of Child and Teacher Connectedness to NatureDellavia, Luka
2021Cognitive Control Deficits in Individuals with Differing Levels of Autistic TraitsGiles, Susan
2021The Two Factors of the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale: Method Effects, Gender Differences, and a Novel Factor StructureButler, Corbin L
2021The Role of Clinical Features in the Diagnostic Reasoning of PsychologistsGronthos, Cheyenne
2021The Impact of Major Depressive Disorder on the Academic Achievement of Australian AdolescentsGecz, Ellen
2021Hallucinogen Use in Methamphetamine Addiction: Correlates and Treatment OutcomesGlouftsis, Elizabeth