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19721. The geology and petrography of an Archaean inlier, south of Normanville. 2. The origin of the 'Houghton' granulite.Davies, M. B.
2009The 1300AD dacite pumice eruption, Rinjani Volcano, East Sunda Arc: petrology, petrogenesis and plumbingMeegan, N. K.
20162D lithospheric imaging of the Delamerian and Lachlan Orogens, southwestern Victoria, Australia from Broadband MagnetotelluricsMerrett, H. D.
1989A 3-D gravity and aeromagnetic interpretation of the Black Hill-Cambrai regionKennedy, R. J.
2015A 3-D seismic interpretation of the Palaeo-Fluvial geomorphology of the off-shore Gippsland Basin utilising seismic attibutesNeden, Luke
2013The 3D electrical structure of the Australian lithosphereMay, A. J.
20144D fracture distribution in the Cooper BasinWei, Liu
2018Accelerating CMA-ES in history matching problems using an ensemble of surrogates with generation-based managementSayyafzadeh, M.; Koochak, R.; Barley, M.; 16th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery 2018 (ECMOR XVI) (3 Sep 2018 - 6 Sep 2018 : Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
2020Acceptability and Effectiveness of App-Based Interventions in Managing Symptoms of Depression, Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation in YouthLeech, Teghan
2016Achieving ‘partnership’: The relationship between horse and rider in the competition arenaSandland, Jacqueline
2019Adapting an Integrated Model of Body Appreciation in Women: The Role of Interoceptive AwarenessSzulc, Jessica Stephanie
2020Adding More Layers to Loss: LGBTQ+ People’s Experiences of Pregnancy LossRose, Alice
2016Adherence in Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of Positive and Negative Metacognitive Worry BeliefsPinto, Ronette B.
2018The Adolescent Distress-Eustress Scale Applied to an Adolescent University SampleSchulz, Jade
2021Adolescent Mental Health and the Relationships between Anxiety, Depression and Sleep Moses BanezBanez, Moses
2019Adolescent Psychological Health as a Predictor of Academic Performance at UniversityPreston, Joanna
2019Adult Attachment Styles and Emotional Regulation: The Role of Interoceptive Awareness and AlexithymiaFerraro, Isabella
2019Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder: The Human-Animal BondDowsett, Elisha
2018Adult sequential bilingualism and its impact on executive functions: a study on Russian – English bilingualsSafina, Galiya