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1981The distribution of metal industry wastes in intertidal sediments near Whyalla, in Upper Spencer Gulf, South AustraliaHarbison, Ina Patricia
2016Factors that assist undergraduate nursing students to cope with the experience of their first clinical placementAlShahrani, Yousef Mohammed
2016The effect of Phytate reduction on Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) grain germinationAmedu, Josephine
2017Temporal gene expression analysis reveals a synergistic effect of combined drought and heat stress in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)Hu, Yikang
2017Workplace violence against nurses working in emergency departments in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional studyAlshehri, Fuaad Ali
2016Geographical variations in public perceptions and responses to heat and heatwave warningsWolanin, Anna
2016Epigenetic analysis of an early flowering phenotype in Corymbia ficifolia induced by in vitro micropropagationDelano, Paulina Vielma
2008The Arabidopsis Ca²⁺ / H⁺ exchangers, AtCAX1 and AtCAX3, are shown by co-localisation, interaction and complementation to participate in plant Ca²⁺ homeostasis.Hocking, Bradleigh
2014Palaeogeographic mapping of the basal Epsilon Formation, southern Cooper Basin, South Australia: what are the controls determining the organic enrichment of the uppermost part of the Murteree Shale?Fraser, Brayden D.
2014Geocellular modelling and connectivity analysis of a tide-influenced channel belt system: example from the Mitchell River Delta, Gulf of Carpentaria, AustraliaAl Quwaitii, Reham Said