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2008Angiotensinogen gene T235 variant: a marker for the development of persistent microalbuminuria in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitusGallego, P.; Shephard, N.; Bulsara, M.; van Bockxmeer, F.; Powell, B.; Beilby, J.; Arscott, G.; Le Page, M.; Palmer, L.; Davis, E.; Jones, T.; Choong, C.
2008The apolipoprotein AII rs5082 variant is associated with reduced risk of coronary artery disease in an Australian male populationXiao, J.; Zhang, F.; Wiltshire, S.; Hung, J.; Jennens, M.; Beilby, J.; Thompson, P.; McQuillan, B.; McCaskie, P.; Carter, K.; Palmer, L.; Powell, B.
2010Impact of Neuritin 1 (NRN1) polymorphisms on fluid intelligence in schizophreniaChandler, D.; Dragovic, M.; Cooper, M.; Badcock, J.; Mullin, B.; Faulkner, D.; Wilson, S.; Hallmayer, J.; Howell, S.; Rock, D.; Palmer, L.; Kalaydjieva, L.; Jablensky, A.
2011Neurophysiological evidence for cognitive and brain functional adaptation in adolescents living at high altitudeRichardson, C.; Hogan, A.; Bucks, R.; Baya, A.; Virues-Ortega, J.; Holloway, J.; Rose-Zerilli, M.; Palmer, L.; Webster, R.; Kirkham, F.; Baldeweg, T.
2011Effect of five genetic variants associated with lung function on the risk of chronic obstructive lung disease, and their joint effects on lung functionArtigas, M.; Wain, L.; Repapi, E.; Obeidat, M.; Sayers, I.; Burton, P.; Johnson, T.; Zhao, J.; Albrecht, E.; Dominiczak, A.; Kerr, S.; Smith, B.; Cadby, G.; Hui, J.; Palmer, L.; Hingorani, A.; Wannamethee, S.; Whincup, P.; Ebrahim, S.; Smith, G.; et al.
2013Modelling BMI trajectories in children for genetic association studiesWarrington, N.; Wu, Y.; Pennell, C.; Marsh, J.; Beilin, L.; Palmer, L.; Lye, S.; Briollais, L.
2010Development of aptitude at altitudeHogan, A.; Virues-Ortega, J.; Botti, A.; Bucks, R.; Holloway, J.; Rose-Zerilli, M.; Palmer, L.; Webster, R.; Baldweg, T.; Kirkham, F.
2013High prevalence of undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnoea in the general population and methods for screening for representative controlsSimpson, L.; Hillman, D.; Cooper, M.; Ward, K.; Hunter, M.; Cullen, S.; James, A.; Palmer, L.; Mukherjee, S.; Eastwood, P.
2012Association of TGFβ1 and clinical factors with scar outcome following melanoma excisionWard, S.; Cadby, G.; Heyworth, J.; Fear, M.; Wallace, H.; Cole, J.; Wood, F.; Palmer, L.
2012Associations between anxious-depressed symptoms and cardiovascular risk factors in a longitudinal childhood studyLouise, S.; Warrington, N.; McCaskie, P.; Oddy, W.; Zubrick, S.; Hands, B.; Mori, T.; Briollais, L.; Silburn, S.; Palmer, L.; Mattes, E.; Beilin, L.