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2013Physiotherapy to improve gross motor skills in people with intellectual disability: a systematic review protocolHocking, J.; Pearson, A.; McNeil, J.
2013Cost effectiveness of Mohs micrographic surgery for non-melanoma skin cancer: a systematic review protocolJadotte, Y.T.; Xue, Y.; Cohen, P.; Schwartz, R.A.; Holly, C.; Salmond, S.W.
2013Risk factors associated with antimicrobial resistant organism carriage in residents of residential aged care facilities: a systematic review protocolHunt, C.; Tivey, D.; Campbell, J.
2008The epistemology of patient safety researchRunciman, W.; Ross Baker, G.; Michel, P.; Jauregui, I.; Lilford, R.; Andermann, A.; Flin, R.; Weeks, W.
2013Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 11 new loci for anthropometric traits and provides insights into genetic architectureBerndt, S.; Gustafsson, S.; M├Ągi, R.; Ganna, A.; Wheeler, E.; Feitosa, M.; Justice, A.; Monda, K.; Croteau-Chonka, D.; Day, F.; Esko, T.; Fall, T.; Ferreira, T.; Gentilini, D.; Jackson, A.; Luan, J.; Randall, J.; Vedantam, S.; Willer, C.; Winkler, T.; et al.
2013Genetic variants associated with increased risk of malignant pleural mesothelioma: a genome-wide association studyMatullo, G.; Guarrera, S.; Betti, M.; Fiorito, G.; Ferrante, D.; Voglino, F.; Cadby, G.; Di Gaetano, C.; Rosa, F.; Russo, A.; Hirvonen, A.; Casalone, E.; Tunesi, S.; Padoan, M.; Giordano, M.; Aspesi, A.; Casadio, C.; Ardissone, F.; Ruffini, E.; Betta, P.; et al.
2011Genome-wide association and large-scale follow up identifies 16 new loci influencing lung functionArtigas, M.; Loth, D.; Wain, L.; Gharib, S.; Obeidat, M.; Tang, W.; Zhai, G.; Zhao, J.; Smith, A.; Huffman, J.; Albrecht, E.; Jackson, C.; Evans, D.; Cadby, G.; Fornage, M.; Manichaikul, A.; Lopez, L.; Johnson, T.; Aldrich, M.; Aspelund, T.; et al.
2014Managing cancer-related fatigue in men with prostate cancer: a systematic review of non-pharmacological interventionsLarkin, D.; Lopez, V.; Aromataris, E.
2011Genome-wide association study identifies six new loci influencing pulse pressure and mean arterial pressureWain, L.; Verwoert, L.; O'Reilly, P.; Shi, G.; Johnson, T.; Johnson, A.; Bochud, M.; Rice, K.; Henneman, P.; Smith, A.; Ehret, G.; Amin, N.; Larson, M.; Mooser, V.; Hadley, D.; Dorr, M.; Bis, J.; Aspelund, T.; Esko, T.; Janssens, A.; et al.
2013Sex-stratified genome-wide association studies including 270,000 individuals show sexual dimorphism in genetic loci for anthropometric traitsRandall, J.; Winkler, T.; Kutalik, Z.; Berndt, S.; Jackson, A.; Monda, K.; Kilpelainen, T.; Esko, T.; Magi, R.; Li, S.; Workalemahu, T.; Feitosa, M.; Croteau-Chonka, D.; Day, F.; Fall, T.; Ferreira, T.; Gustafsson, S.; Locke, A.; Mathieson, I.; Scherag, A.; et al.