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2013Maternal mortality in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka: a systematic review of local and national policy and practice initativesMcArthur, A.; Lockwood, C.
2014Women's experience of diabetes and diabetes management in pregnancy: a systematic review of qualitative literatureCosti, L.; Lockwood, C.; Munn, Z.; Jordan, Z.
2014Evidence-based health care: a system level model for transforming practiceLockwood, C.S.; Annual Scientific Meeting of the ANZSN and Renal Society of Australasia Annual Conference (25 Aug 2014 - 27 Aug 2014 : Melbourne)
2011Synthesizing quantitative evidenceLockwood, C.; Sfetcu, R.; Oh, E.G.
2013A comparison of meta-aggregation and meta-ethnography as qualitative review methodsLockwood, C.; Pearson, A.
2014Genome-wide association study of sexual maturation in males and females highlights a role for body mass and menarche loci in male pubertyCousminer, D.; Stergiakouli, E.; Berry, D.; Ang, W.; Groen-Blokhuis, M.; Koerner, A.; Siitonen, N.; Ntalla, I.; Marinelli, M.; Perry, J.; Kettunen, J.; Jansen, R.; Surakka, I.; Timpson, N.; Ring, S.; Mcmahon, G.; Power, C.; Wang, C.; Kahonen, M.; Viikari, J.; et al.
2012A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African AmericansPalmer, N.; McDonough, C.; Hicks, P.; Roh, B.; Wing, M.; Sandy An, S.; Hester, J.; Cooke, J.; Bostrom, M.; Rudock, M.; Talbert, M.; Lewis, J.; DIAGRAM Consortium; MAGIC Consortium; Ferrara, A.; Lu, L.; Ziegler, J.; Sale, M.; Divers, J.; Shriner, D.; et al.
2013The historical emergence of qualitative synthesisPorritt, K.; Pearson, A.