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2015The aggregation of early-onset melanoma in young Western Australian familiesWard, S.; Dowty, J.; Webster, R.; Cadby, G.; Glasson, E.; Heyworth, J.; Emery, J.; Cole, J.; Millward, M.; Wood, F.; Palmer, L.
2015Effectiveness, cost effectiveness, acceptability and implementation barriers/facilitators of chronic kidney disease management programs and models of care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a mixed methods systematic review protocolReilly, R.; Evans, K.; Gomersall, J.; Gorham, G.; Warren, S.; O'Shea, R.; Peters, M.; Brown, A.; Cass, A.
2014Lipidomic profiling before and after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in obese patients with diabetesGraessler, J.; Bornstein, T.; Goel, D.; Bhalla, V.; Lohmann, T.; Wolf, T.; Koch, M.; Qin, Y.; Licinio, J.; Wong, M.; Chavakis, T.; Xu, A.; Shevchenko, A.; Schuhmann, K.; Schwarz, P.; Schulte, K.; Patel, A.; Bornstein, S.
2008Bile acids modulate store-operated CA2+ channels and stromal interaction molecule1 (STIM1) distribution in liver cellsAromataris, E.C.; Castro, J.; Rychkov, G.Y.; Barritt, G.J.; 43rd Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (23 Apr 2008 - 27 Apr 2008 : Milan, Italy)
2013Physiotherapy to improve gross motor skills in people with intellectual disability: a systematic review protocolHocking, J.; Pearson, A.; McNeil, J.
2013Spiritual support interventions in nursing care for patients suffering death anxiety in the final phase of lifeKisvetrov√°, H.; Klugar, M.; Kabelka, L.
2015Primary health care-level interventions targeting health literacy and their effect on weight loss: a systematic reviewFaruqi, N.; Spooner, C.; Joshi, C.; Lloyd, J.; Dennis, S.; Stocks, N.; Taggart, J.; Harris, M.
2012A genome-wide association search for type 2 diabetes genes in African AmericansPalmer, N.; McDonough, C.; Hicks, P.; Roh, B.; Wing, M.; Sandy An, S.; Hester, J.; Cooke, J.; Bostrom, M.; Rudock, M.; Talbert, M.; Lewis, J.; DIAGRAM Consortium; MAGIC Consortium; Ferrara, A.; Lu, L.; Ziegler, J.; Sale, M.; Divers, J.; Shriner, D.; et al.