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dc.contributor.authorBates, Daisy-
dc.description.abstractTotems – South and South west W.A. contains information on the suggested derivation of names Ballaruk and Nganarnook, Tondarup and Didarruk, maternal descent of totems, totems from the areas of Perth, Capel, Northam, Vasse, Gingin and Doweringup, edible and non-edible totems, cannibalism, children’s totems, methods of revenge through a totem animal and markings on weapons and scarring.en
dc.format.extent54 p.en
dc.subject.otherTotems, totemism, south and south west W.A., Vasse, Perth, Capel, Northam, Gingin, Doweringupen
dc.titleSection V, 2b - Totems of S. and S.W. (chapter)en
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