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2018Achieving environmental flows where buyback is constrainedAdamson, D.; Loch, A.
2011Achieving targeted environmental flows: alternative allocation and trading models under scarce supply-lessons from the Australian reform processLoch, A.; Bjornlund, H.; McIver, R.
2013Acquiring water for the environment: lessons from natural resources managementLane-Miller, C.C.; Wheeler, S.; Bjornlund, H.; Connor, J.
2017Adaptation responses to increasing drought frequencyAdamson, D.; loch, A.; Schwabe, K.
2017Addressing groundwater declines with precision agriculture: an economic comparison of monitoring methods for variable-rate irrigationWest, M.; Kovacs, K.
2016Adherence to the Australian dietary guidelines during pregnancy: evidence from a national studyMalek, L.; Umberger, W.; Makrides, M.; Zhou, S.
2015Adoption, yield and profitability of tomato grafting technique in VietnamGenova, C.; Schreinemachers, P.; Afari-Sefa, V.; Regional Symposium on Familes, Farms, Food : Sustaining Small-Scale Vegetable Production and Marketing Systems for Food and Nutrition Security (SEAVEG) (25 Feb 2014 - 27 Feb 2014 : Bangkok, Thailand)
2016Agricultural markets and marketing policiesGriffith, G.; Watson, A.
2005Agricultural professionals’ views of biotechnology: why do they differ?Wheeler, S.; Talking Biotechnology: Reflecting on Science and Society Conference (2005 : Wellington, New Zealand)
2017Agricultural technology adoption and child nutrition enhancement: improved maize varieties in rural EthiopiaZeng, D.; Alwang, J.; Norton, G.; Shiferaw, B.; Jaleta, M.; Yirga, C.
2014Agronomic and sustainability outcomes from compost application in South Australian citrus orchardsCrisp, P.; Baker, G.; Wheeler, S.; 1st International Symposium on Organic Matter Management and Compost Use in Horticulture (04 Apr 2011 - 07 Apr 2011 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2012Allocation trade in Australia: a qualitative understanding of irrigator motives and behaviourLoch, A.; Bjornlund, H.; Wheeler, S.; Connor, J.
2015Allocative efficiency of agrifood traders: shrimp traders in IndonesiaYi, D.; Reardon, T.
2017Analysing the association between rural farm household health and economic shocks and food security in Bangladesh: a consolidated approach of measuring food securityRupa, J.; Ahmed, S.; Umberger, W.; Zeng, D.; Sim, N.; 61st Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) Annual Conference (07 Feb 2017 - 10 Feb 2017 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2016Analysing the impact of household health and economic shocks on food security and dietary diversity: evidence from rural BangladeshRupa, J.; Umberger, W.; Ahmed, S.; 60th Australian Agricultural and resource Economics Society (AARES) (02 Feb 2016 - 05 Feb 2016 : Canberra, ACT)
2016Assessing the profitability of farming of disadvantaged smallholders inside and outside polder 29 in Khulna district of BangladeshMannaf, M.; Zaman, A.
2010An assessment of market opportunities for leafy vegetables in the upland areas of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam: final report on output 1 of the project: RETA 6376 "Supporting pro-poor vegetable value chains in Greater Mekong Subregion countries”Genova, C.; Weinberger, K.; Acedo, A.
2016The association between mid- pregnancy body mass index and socio economic status of women: evidence from AustraliaAhmed, S.; Thennakoon
2012The Basin Plan, the buy-back and climate change: determining an optimal water entitlements portfolioAdamson, D.; Practical Responses to Climate Change (01 May 2012 - 03 May 2012 : Barton, A.C.T)
2013A benefit/cost assessment in citrus IPM following the application of soil amendmentsCrisp, P.; Wheeler, S.; Baker, G.; Horticulture Australia, Australia