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2016Adherence to the Australian dietary guidelines during pregnancy: evidence from a national studyMalek, L.; Umberger, W.; Makrides, M.; Zhou, S.
2017Branding fresh food: Who is willing to pay more for beef?Morales, L.; Griffith, G.; Wright, V.; Fleming, E.; Umberger, W.; Hoang, N.
2015Diet transition and supermarket shopping behaviour: is there a link?Toiba, H.; Umberger, W.; Minot, N.
2016Food choices of the Môngs in the northwest uplands of VietnamGenova, C.; Umberger, W.; Newman, S.; Peralta, A.; XXIII Agri-food Research Network (AFRN) Conference: Food and the Asian Century: Opportunities and Challenges in the ‘Neighbourhood’ (07 Dec 2016 - 10 Dec 2016 : Adelaide. SA.)
2017Linking smallholder vegetable production to children’s diets: evidence from rural VietnamGenova, C.; Umberger, W.; Newman, S.; Peralta, A.; 61st AARES Annual Conference: Transformations in Food, Energy and the Environment (08 Feb 2017 - 10 Feb 2017 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2015Can food markets result in environmental benefits?Umberger, W.; Anders, S.; Goddard, E.
2017Analysing the association between rural farm household health and economic shocks and food security in Bangladesh: a consolidated approach of measuring food securityRupa, J.; Ahmed, S.; Umberger, W.; Zeng, D.; Sim, N.; 61st Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) Annual Conference (07 Feb 2017 - 10 Feb 2017 : Brisbane, Qld.)
2018Farmer interest in joint venture structures in the Australian broadacre grains sectorLynch, B.; Llewellyn, R.; Umberger, W.; Kragt, M.
2015Understanding drivers of dietary behaviour before and during pregnancy in industrialized countriesMalek, L.; Umberger, W.; Zhou, S.; Makrides, M.; 80th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop (27 Nov 2013 - 29 Nov 2013 : Bali, Indonesia)
2016Analysing the impact of household health and economic shocks on food security and dietary diversity: evidence from rural BangladeshRupa, J.; Umberger, W.; Ahmed, S.; 60th Australian Agricultural and resource Economics Society (AARES) (02 Feb 2016 - 05 Feb 2016 : Canberra, ACT)